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SEO Bristol, SEO Devon & SEO Exeter – Daily Humour

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – experts in SEO in Exeter, Bristol, Devon and beyond! Just a very brief moment of SEO humour for you all today: How many SEO copywriters does it take to change a lightbulb, light bulb, bulb, lamp, light, eco-bulb, bulbs, fluorescent tubes? Unless you are in the world of SEO, it…

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SEO Bristol & SEO Exeter News – More Panda Updates from Google

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing – specialists in SEO Exeter and SEO Bristol. Google announced via twitter last Friday that it had rolled out a “minor” update to Panda. The update was supposed to affect only around one percent of all searches, which is why it was named a “minor” update. There…

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SEO Bristol & SEO Exeter Tip: Google may penalise for too many adverts

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing, SEO Bristol and SEO Exeter specialists. One of the major obstacles to a good SEO campaign is ensuring that there is sufficient good content on web pages.  Now Matt Cutts, of Google has said that Google will be looking at penalising advert heavy websites that make it…

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