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SEO Company: When to listen and when to question?

Welcome all to Friday afternoon here in the Skyline office.  Steve Wright is accompanying us on Radio 2 and the weekend is upon us! This week in all things SEO we want to address an issue that was raised in an interesting conversation with a potential client this week.  They raised the question of timescales and…

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SEO Exeter & SEO Bristol News: On-line protest not over

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter & SEO Bristol. 24 hours ago, the internet was a very different place as sites such as Wikipedia, Google, WordPress and many others across the globe took part in a protest at the proposed anti-piracy legislation in the US. Wikipedia said their blackout message…

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SEO Exeter & SEO Bristol News: Farewell to IE6 & Chrome downranked

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter & SEO Bristol Company. A very happy new year to all of our readers.  Microsoft have started 2012 by celebrating the demise of Internet Explorer 6 by baking a cake! Less than 1% of US and UK internet surfers now use the outdated internet browser.  Internet Explorer 6…

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