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How do I pick the right keywords for my SEO campaign?

One of our director’s at Skyline, Joe, writes about how to select the right keywords or phrases for your SEO campaign. Selecting the right keywords or phrases for your website to rank for is an extremely important decision you will need to make for your new or existing website. Targeting a keyword that generates a…
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Spring Enterprise Week

This week the team here at Skyline have been getting proactive and involved with the University of Exeter’s Spring Enterprise Week – a week full of activities, such as talks and workshops, offering students the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and develop enterprise skills. Rob and Joe, along with local entrepreneur Dan from Webwise Media,…
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How websites have changed

Today, it seems near impossible to imagine a world in which the Internet did not exist. In fact, most people would probably admit that the idea of going even a day without the internet seems inconceivable. Staying away from Facebook or resisting the urge to Tweet for a mere 24 hours has become a feat…
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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week This week we are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is the world’s largest campaign promoting entrepreneurship. Initiated in 2008, each year Global Entrepreneurship Week encourages millions of people across the world to start up their own businesses. During the course of the week over 3,000 events are taking place in the UK,…
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The importance of integrating online marketing within your overall marketing strategy

Online marketing is the relatively new kid on the marketing block. It includes any form of marketing that uses the Internet and covers search engine optimisations (SEO), e-mail marketing, social media, pay-per-click, blogging, QR codes, video, online advertising to name but a few. Its counterpart, offline marketing, encompasses the more traditional forms of marketing such…
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Importance of Video Content

Good Morning and Welcome to our latest blog post, With over 3 billion video views per day, YouTube has cemented itself as an essential marketing tool for all businesses, big or small. One popular YouTube marketing method available to small businesses is the ‘viral’ video. We’ve all been sent one – a funny or sometimes…
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