Skyline Marketing Blog – Our View Of The Seo & Internet Marketing Skyline - Part 5

Skyline Marketing Blog – Our View of the SEO & Internet Marketing Skyline

SEO Exeter News: EU law breached by Google privacy changes

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter, SEO London and SEO Bristol. After much discussion over Google’s privacy changes, the EU’s justice commissioner has come out and said that the changes that Google have forced on all SEO and global Google users are in breach of European law. The issue comes down to the EU’s…
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SEO Exeter News: Google tracking Safari users?

This week in SEO Exeter news, Google has spoken out after a report from a Stanford University declared that Google was bypassing settings on the Safari browser, which are intended to block tracking tools.  It was reported that Google were able to record the user activity for both OS and iOS versions of Safari. Since…
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SEO Company Exeter News: Yahoo Search Engine share slips further

Thanks for visiting our latest blog from Skyline Marketing – SEO Company Exeter. During December, in the USA, Bing overtook Yahoo to become the number two search engine.  The figures for January 2012 are now through and it is not looking any better for the Search Engine. Google increased to 66.2 percent (up 0.3 percent)….
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SEO Company Exeter News: Users reject Google personalised

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing – SEO Company Exeter. There has been much talk recently of Google’s personalised search results.  A recent survey by “Ask Your Target Market” were asked about whether they want their Google search results to be personalised by previous searches and data from social networking sites.  The results…
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SEO Company Exeter News: The End of SEO?

Welcome to Skyline Marketing’s latest blog – SEO Company Exeter. Google has come under fire for its decision to merge over 60 Privacy Policies into one. The biggest change of late has come in the shape of Google+ merging into search results, giving Google a monopoly of integrating Social Media into search results. The SEO…
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SEO Company: When to listen and when to question?

Welcome all to Friday afternoon here in the Skyline office.  Steve Wright is accompanying us on Radio 2 and the weekend is upon us! This week in all things SEO we want to address an issue that was raised in an interesting conversation with a potential client this week.  They raised the question of timescales and…
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