Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEW logo webGlobal Entrepreneurship Week

This week we are celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is the world’s largest campaign promoting entrepreneurship. Initiated in 2008, each year Global Entrepreneurship Week encourages millions of people across the world to start up their own businesses. During the course of the week over 3,000 events are taking place in the UK, involving more than 300,000 participants. From lectures given by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, to start-up competitions and networking events, the week is aimed to support and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Our team at Skyline knows the importance of events like Global Entrepreneurship Week. As an independent company founded in January 2011, we are passionate about supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and promoting entrepreneurship. Due to our close links with Exeter University, we were delighted to be invited to speak at a workshop held at the University. Our company director Joe Hibberd attended the event, delivering an engaging speech on the benefit and importance of SEO when starting up a business and a company website. Joe commented that “engaging with a group of students and hearing about their ambitions for business was great. It will be great to hear that one day, one of the people in the room is the next Steve Jobs!”

Alongside our involvement with the University, we believe in creating opportunities for Exeter students, and we are proud of the fact that our team at Skyline is made up of many current students and alumni.