How do I pick the right keywords for my SEO campaign?

One of our director’s at Skyline, Joe, writes about how to select the right keywords or phrases for your SEO campaign.

Selecting the right keywords or phrases for your website to rank for is an extremely important decision you will need to make for your new or existing website.

Targeting a keyword that generates a high volume of searches may be great for search traffic but may not lead to sales or lead generation. Keyword selection is about attracting the right visitors. The more specific a keyword can be, the more likely the visitor to your site is going to be to purchase your products or services. A more generic search term may lead to more “browsers” on your site or people simply looking for information on your chosen subject rather than those willing to part with their money!

So how much exactly is a keyword worth to your site?

If for example you owned a online shop with a particular specialism in red jumper’s for men. It may be that you decide the best keyword to be found for on Google is “Clothes.” – Clothes produces on average 49500 searches per month. This will undoubtably bring you plenty of website traffic, however, how many of these searches are for your product?

The next step may be to search for “Jumper” (14800) searches per month or even “Men’s Jumper” (1000.)

Whilst these are slightly more specific they still run the risk of generating poor quality traffic.

However, there are 140 searches per month for the term “men’s red jumper” the exact phrase of the product you are selling. The traffic you generate form this search term is highly likely to be from a person looking to purchase such an item.

The other benefit of choosing a long-tailed search term is the competitiveness of this phrase is generally less than a broader search term. This results in less time and money having to be spent on trying to reach the top of the rankings for an extremely difficult search term.

If you would like to understand more about selecting the right keywords for your website or how to improve your rankings please do contact us.