Importance of Video Content

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With over 3 billion video views per day, YouTube has cemented itself as an essential marketing tool for all businesses, big or small.

One popular YouTube marketing method available to small businesses is the ‘viral’ video. We’ve all been sent one – a funny or sometimes controversial video that is created with the intent of being shared repeatedly via social media and email. A viral video will be seen by a large audience in a short amount of time, and if your viral is good enough, YouTube may promote it to the homepage, bringing further traffic to your video and channel.

A viral video will not send your business global, however. By creating a channel for your business, a wealth of opportunities for marketing become available to you. It is not as easy as just creating a channel, it should be noted. In order for YouTube marketing to be successful, high quality multiple videos are essential. Don’t expect one video to be enough – different types of videos, ranging from customer testimonials to simple commercials, will keep viewers interested, at the same time as marketing all aspects of your product or service. By continually posting entertaining, useful videos, users will subscribe and be alerted to every new video you post. It’s as easy as reminding your viewers to subscribe at the end of each video!

It is also an option to use annotations on your videos to provide links to your website, a small way of further increasing your website traffic. Additionally, by embedding these videos on your website, viewers will be directed to your channel and will view further videos.

What you may not know is, YouTube is the second largest online search engine behind Google – by titling your videos with the right key phrases, you can quickly establish your business on YouTube.

 This is a video we’ve just produced.


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