Adwords is the quickest route to the top of Google

There are no guarantees when it comes to getting you to the top of Google's organic listing, so beware of anyone claiming this!  However, with a targeted campaign using Google Adwords we can strive to have you at the top of all search engine results!  Have you ever noticed that small block of listings on the top of the search engine results page?  These are Pay Per Click adverts (PPC) using Google AdWords, and you can be there too!

Pay Per Click

Do you have an important message or promotion that you would like the world to see?  Are you working your way up the organic Google listings, but want to be higher up straight away?  A Skyline Marketing PPC campaign is your answer.

We can provide you with results which are tracked down to a single keyword.  The budget, position within Google AdWords, targeted keywords, location, days of week and time of day your adverts appear are all chosen by you, with the assistance of our expert consultants.

Pay Per Click campaigns are totally flexible.  There is no minimum contract and Skyline Marketing will provide you with regular reports showing how effective your adverts are in your target market and can include a unique telephone number so we can monitor calls from those ads.

Try our service with a FREE £65-worth package of Google AdWords Credit, call 01392 243210 or email and quote offer code: ADW65 today to get your Pay per Click campaign started now.

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