Gaining Google's Trust

Google takes several factors into account when allocating page position and 'link building' is one of them. Essentially, Google assumes that if you have a lot of relevant inbound links to your site then its content must be worthwhile, therefore rewarding you with a strong ranking. Link building is a bit more strategic than it sounds. It is not just a case of having thousands of inbound links to your site. Google doesn't like this approach and as a result they eliminate what are known as 'link farms'.  Not too long ago, Google modified their algorithm to include 'link value' to help determine how they allocate page position. The shortened explanation is the more relevant links you have coming into your site, the greater your ranking will be, and the more Google will trust your site. Ultimately, it's quality over quantity.

Skyline Marketing Link Building

Skyline can offer you an organised and strategised approach to your link building program.  It does require patience as timing is also crucial as too many links added too quickly can raise an eyebrow with Google and they could penalise your site. Managing the timing and quality of your links is very important. Give Skyline this responsibility and you'll be in good hands.