A Facebook page is a must, but only if it's kept up to date

Facebook pages offer business owners the opportunity to communicate directly with both valued and potential customers.  You can provide visitors with your latest industry and business news, special offers, and your page gives your customers a chance to communicate with your business in return.  Skyline Marketing can offer much more than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Marketing – we can encourage loyalty to your business through Facebook and raise the awareness in others who may not yet be able to find you in through search engines.

Skyline Marketing can offer tailored Facebook pages that will also enhance your SEO and Online Marketing campaigns:

  1. We can keep your Facebook page automatically updated by integrating your blog with RSS and XML feeds.
  2. We will help to engage your visitors through running debates and surveys related to your industry on your page, keeping them up to date with the latest events in that area.
  3. Facebook provides a calendar which allows you to keep your visitors up to date on important events to do with your industry and business.  You can even create guest lists, promote special offers, share photos and more!  Ultimately, Facebook can offer a simple yet effective way of keeping those important customers interested in your business.
  4. Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon, so it's a good idea to use Facebook as your social media centre.  You can integrate all of your social profiles from Twitter, Youtube and others into your Facebook account, and we can show you how.

Call Skyline Marketing now on 01392 243210, or send us an email at info@skylinemarketing.co.uk to discuss how we can create a focal point for all of your social media activities.