Spring Enterprise Week

This week the team here at Skyline have been getting proactive and involved with the University of Exeter’s Spring Enterprise Week – a week full of activities, such as talks and workshops, offering students the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and develop enterprise skills.

Rob and Joe, along with local entrepreneur Dan from Webwise Media, have been offering their pearls of wisdom on setting up a website on a budget, on SEO and on other marketing strategies including social media. On Monday they held a workshop, ‘A Beginners Guide to Website Design,’ showing students the basic tools for getting started and demonstrating how to set up WordPress (one of the most popular low-cost frameworks in existence for creating a great website).

This will be followed up on Friday with a slightly more advanced ‘Part 2’, showing students the best free sites and resources available to help boost your online presence, with an Introduction to Photoshop, to coding in HTML and CSS and coding a WordPress Theme.

In addition to these workshops, we’ve had two office visits offering students the chance to get to know us a little bit better and drill us with questions about how Rob and Joe met, how we got to where we are and the problems we encountered along the way. We also discussed their business ideas, and offered advice on how best to get their products off the ground.

Finally, Rob and Joe have held three one-on-one sessions with young entrepreneurs, getting to know people who already have a business plan, idea or website but need help with marketing. During these sessions we discussed the best ways to promote yourself, from an SEO and social media point of view, so as to build a good reputation and customer base.

Both Joe and Rob have hugely enjoyed getting involved with students, and look forward to the rest of the week. It’s been a pleasure to give something back and hear all the innovative and exciting ideas young entrepreneurs are coming up with.