Social Media Channels to boost your Rankings

Some simple, yet effective tips on using Social Media Channels to give your Search Engine Rankings a boost:

Blogging: What are your target audience asking or researching through Search Engines? You are able to use your blog as a way to create a helpful resource that answers those questions.   By using keywords and creating Search Engine friendly content, you can be sure that you are creating some quality content that will benefit your Search Engine Rankings.

Twitter: Make sure when you are tweeting that you are not just self-promoting! Occasional self-promotion is fine, however make sure you are creating helpful content. The basis of social media content, is that you get back what you give – so give helpful content often!

Facebook: Make sure your visitors can find your Facebook profile for you business. Make sure you content can be shared, and that they can “like” your website and page. Once again, make sure you are writing unique content (this is all sounding very repetitive I know – but there’s a reason: content is King!)

It is important that you use all levels of Social Media to engage with your customers and website visitors.  Just think if you can encourage your visitors to read and comment on your blog, retweet this and even discuss or vote on a Facebook page, you are well on the way to creating a topic which becomes viral and most importantly – links back to you and your Website!

The DoFollow or NoFollow Debate

Here at Skyline Marketing, when setting up our blog, we had the choice of the standard NoFollow attribute being placed on links that are posted, or allow DoFollow, that potentially can help sites in the Search Engine Rankings.  Google has always wanted to rank websites based on how relevant and useful they are in relation to the keywords that are typed in – logical really?  However, an element of this, is down to backlinks – Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page.  Google changed the playing field by putting huge emphasis on the number of backlinks a page or website received, so as a result spammers have used blogs, forums and wikis as a way of planting links to help Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) results.  The introduction of the NoFollow attribute took away any benefit of backlinks accrued through these methods, as a way of combating spam.

So where do we stand with our blog?  Initially, we have decided to allow DoFollow to be applied to comments and guest posts, because we want to reward those who actively participate in the blog discussions we have.

If you want to place a link and your only comment is “wow this is the best blog i’ve ever read in my life” , then please don’t waste your time, as we can use that wonderful invention on your link called “the delete button”.  By all means, tell us we are fantastic – nothing wrong with that, but if you think we are that awesome, then surely you have something you want to add to the debate.  If the thought enters your head as you hit submit “wonder if i’ll get away with that link/comment”, then chances are you won’t.

We want to reward those who contribute and support our blog, so the playing field is open for DoFollow links – for now.

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