18 Million+ Download Latest Firefox Browser & US Court says NO to Google the Bookseller.

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Mozilla, which makes Firefox Browser 4, has launched a page tracking the number of downloads it has had since launch, and as of the time of writing has just exceeded 18 million.  Firefox is the second most popular Browser behind Microsofts Internet Explorer – who recently released their updated version 9 for Windows 7 and Vista users.  Firefox has seen its market share drop over the last couple of years from 24% in 2009 to 21% recently in early 2011.  Google Chrome’s increased popularity has been partly to blame for this. Internet Explorer has seen a greater reduction, from 68% to 56% over the same period.

Reports showed that over the initial 24 hours of release there were a little over 5 million downloads, so the fact Firefox has now broken 18 million either means the increased publicity of the availability of the new version has driven more users to download and try, or is there perhaps a little bit of creative accounting going on here?

Regardless of the situation, Firefox and Internet Explorer both boast increased speeds and a more secure user experience.  There is also compatibility for HTML 5 – which is the latest standard for writing and designing websites.  However with Internet Explorer 9′s incompatibility with Windows XP – an operating system that some two-thirds of businesses still use, this could be a great time for Firefox to increase its market share again.

In other news, Google has had an agreement with publishers to sell on-line versions of books blocked by a U.S. Court. There were fears that Google will be increasing it’s Worldwide dominance (bit late for that wouldn’t you say?)  - Google is reported to be “dissapointed by the outcome” and will “consider its options”, and it has been widely reported that they had scanned over 15 million books already in preparation… oops!

What are your thoughts on the continued Browser wars between Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari?  Is the Google ruling right for the World as a whole? –  Let us know your views!

Googles New Social Network/Facebook Copy & Internet Explorer 9 is Launched!

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.  Once again, many bloggers out there have been racing ahead releasing rumours, gossip and scandal that Google was going to announce a new Social Network to rival the worldwide dominance of facebook.

However, Skyline Marketing can reveal that Google has confirmed this is all nonsense, and that no such project exists.  Of course this maybe just Google wanting to silence any speculation at this stage, and perhaps something major is on the horizon, however here at Skyline, we prefer to deal with just facts, and at this time – nothing is going on.  If we believe this to be a smokescreen and evidence of a new Google Social Network exists, you can be sure we will be one of the first to let you know!

In other news today, it looks like Twitter Third-Party Applications could be under threat. Some of the many software developers who use Twitters source code to produce other non-official Twitter software may see their days numbered, as Twitter appears to be looking at bringing more control over the service – for revenue and commercial purposes perhaps?  Twitter’s main concern is that as the number of users and tweets expands to record levels, that the more third party platforms for Twitter, the more confused users may get.  I think when it comes to technology users, many can make their own mind up – if they want to use the “official” platform, then it’s readily there – if some want great freedom and a more “techy” experience when using Twitter, then this should be available as is now.

Finally today, at long last Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now officially launched!  As things stand, Internet Explorer still retains 56% of the Global Internet Browser market, whereas Firefox has 22%, Chrome 11% and Safari 6%.  Look out over the coming days for our full review of the NEW Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Browser.  Although, those of you still using the more stable Windows XP will be disappointed, as IE9 will only be available at this stage to users of Windows 7 & Vista.

Updated – You: Google’s Spam Police?

Good Evening from the SEO hub that is Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon!

During last month we were one of the first to break the news that Google had launched a new “add-on” for their popular Internet Browser, Chrome – “Block Sites from Googles Search Results”.

Now here we are again to announce that it seems Google has now added the same feature to all of you lucky Google Search Engine users, regardless of browser choice.  (Good news for Rob, the “anti-Christ Chromer” among us).

Once again, the long-and-short of things, is that via a link, you can quickly remove and ban individual search results.  The only requirement is that you are logged into your Google account, so the questions begging to be asked, is this going to be a popular tool?  Is Google that bad at its job that it cannot display the appropriate content to start with?  Is this going to open the door to further abuse if Google starts taking action on the results?

Inspired People Charity Recruitment & Internet Explorer 9

A very good Monday to Skyline Marketing readers from us all in Exeter, Devon.   We are all having a very productive day in the office so far, celebrating the success of some of our latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work which has come to fruition, and pushing things further with one of our latest clients – Inspired People – Charity Recruitment firm who are based in Bristol, but cover all major cities across the UK.  More about Inspired People in the weeks to come.

Further to the Release Candidate (RC) of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser, the Organisation is claiming over two million downloads have been recorded.

Microsoft only very recently announced that the IE9 RC was available publicly and has commented it is “humbled by the enthusiasm and uptake of IE9″.

The current beta users of IE9 will be notified shortly to upgrade their versions which should force another wave of downloads for the browser. Microsoft is also pleased with the two million figure, as all of these downloads have been the choice of users, rather than forced – is this just the users saying they are fed up with the previous version of the browser and hoping for something faster and powerful?

Microsoft has also said that IE9 will be available on Windows Phone 7 sometime during 2011, so watch this space.

However, the news is not all rosey for Microsoft, as Mozilla, who produce Firefox have claimed that IE9 is “not a modern browser” and is “two years too late”. While many will agree with Mozilla over the “too late” comment, the fact that many users became disillusioned with Internet Explorer in the first place, has only proven to help the Firefox software grow.

Surely now this is Microsofts final chance to re-enter the Browser race, given the increased competition from Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla and Opera?  Mozilla’s Firefox 4 is on the horizon, so Microsoft will have a job on their hands to impress with IE9, or lose further ground in the Internet Browser War.

Social Search Results for Google

Google has started implementing what they call “Social Search Results”, which will be placed throughout their organic Search Results – which will be based on what Google decides is relevant.  People who are on other Social Media platforms such as Twitter or flickr who you connect to, will have their details shown when they have shared or published the content that is showing in the Search Engine Results.  The reason behind this is Googles desire to create the perfect Search Engine Result making the information as personal and relevant as possible.

Google is not new to the table with the Social aspect of Search Results, as Social Search was first introduced in 2009.  Updates were even happening at the end of 2010 with Social Sitelinks added and real-time Twitter results too.

How do you get these social results when using Google?  You must be logged into your Google account.  You can change the privacy controls within your Google profile to allow changes to how much information is shared.  Google has also allowed users to connect their accounts privately, so the Social Results will show up in the Search Engine Results pages, but will not publicise the details of things you have shared.

This is another change that Google is trying to drive to make their Search Engine Results page more targetted to each individual user.  What do you think of Googles latest changes?

A happy Sunday to you all from Exeter.


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Block Sites from Google Search Engine Results

Good afternoon from a chilly Exeter!  After all of the recent news of the “slap on the wrist” that Google gave to JCPenney and their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, Google announced it had developed and is now offering a new extension to its popular Browser – Google Chrome.  Interesting timing some may say…

The Personal Blocklist extension gives its users the power to block sites from their individual search results on Google, either because they are not relevant, or are shallow with low-quality content.  It works simply by clicking the “Block” link that appears under the URL in the Search Engine Results, which will then remove all results that Google provides to your computer from that domain – quite a powerful thing!

While this may improve the users experience of Chrome and the Google Search Engine, it will also feed information back to Google on what domains are being blocked, and one could conclude that Google will analyse this data for ways of detecting content farms and other black hat techniques of Search Engine Optimisation.

Google is likely to come in to some criticism for this move and the timing, after the recent attack on Bing for the alleged copying of their Search Results, it would appear they are now relying on users to feed them reports of what a user considers “spam” – surely this sort of reporting is open to abuse?  What are your views on spam reporting being left to you?

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