It’s Cold & GMail’s got the Bug…

Greetings all Skyline Marketing followers from a chilly Devon were the company is good.  The price of heating oil has shot up again – just under 60p a litre for those around the Exeter area – not quite the £1.30 a litre experienced during “the great snow fall of 2010″, which nearly kept us marooned in the office – although some awesome views of Devon and the surrounding Exeter area could be had at that time.

In non-weather/more Search Engine news, it has been confirmed by Google that a major bug in their systems has somehow wiped approximately 150,000 Gmail accounts over the weekend.

The damage is not as widespread as first feared, as the number of accounts affected was first quoted as 0.29% overall, however this has now been downgraded to only 0.08% of user accounts.  Initially, affected users were unable to log-in to their Gmail accounts, however once this initial bug was fixed users reported that email correspondence had been deleted from their accounts – many social networking conversations, alerts and correspondence was wiped.  The accounts were basically reset, however Search Engine Giant Google expects lost data to be restored and has said:  “Google engineers are working to restore full access”… “Affected users will be temporarily unable to sign in while we repair their accounts.” You can follow the maintenance status of Google here.

In other news, LinkedIn has now reappeared in the land of the Chinese – although some reports are saying that there are tighter content controls and restrictions in place now.  The recent quote of the Chinese Government that Citizens have freedom of speech, “within the law” really irks me that Google users in two different countries can achieve totally different Search Results, because of what the Chinese Government think is “relevant” shall we say… hmmm.

Finally, thanks to all those of you who have forwarded us leaked photos of the new iPhone 5 and iPad 2.  We love seeing what new ideas can be done with PhotoShop, and a few seconds on Google confirmed our suspicions that they were indeed fake.  Nice try :)

More tomorrow.



Google in Fresh Anti-trust Probe

Good Evening from the SEO Company in Devon!

Google appears to be in hot water again after specialist French Search Engine 1plusV has filed fresh anti-trust claims against the Search Engine.

Google could be facing a massive fine if it is found guilty of abusing its position in the Search Engine Market.

More information courtesy of the BBC online:  Google faces new complaint in anti-trust probe.

This could be good news for Yahoo and Bing, but I dont think google will be too worried.

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