Bing UK search engine launches new look

Bing is rolling out a number of design updates to their search engine, which are designed to make things easier for users to use and understand.

The service itself will be improved due to faster page loading times and what Bing thinks will be more relevant search engine results.

Bing is looking for a more consistent approach across all devices, so is bringing in a cleaner feel to the search engine results.

Peter Maxmin, head of Bing UK said:

“We want to make your search experience quicker and easier so you can get on with the important stuff…”

In the UK and Europe, Bing is looking for a much larger marketshare, as Google holds a massive dominance in the Search Engine market, compared to the more competitive US market.

Check out the new Bing homepage and let us know what you think of the new layout and search engine results.  Will you be making the switch from Google?

Apples Music Cloud on the horizon
May 22, 2011

Apples Music Cloud on the horizon

A very warm welcome to the latest instalment from Skyline Marketing, SEO & Internet Marketing in Exeter and Devon.

It was announced at the end of the week that Apple has signed a licensing agreement with EMI music to allow them distribute their work via cloud internet technology.  According to several sources, Apple are also on the verge of completing deals with both Universal & Sony Music Groups.

Apple already have a deal in place with Warner Music Group which will allow Apple to launch a fully licensed cloud-music service which will compete against the competing services of Google and Amazon.

Apple launches the Worldwide Developers Conference on 6th June and it is expected they may take the opportunity to launch the service or announce that the deals are done at this point.

Apple and the music labels have declined to comment thus far.  Although Apple will be the third in launching a Cloud Internet Music service, they will be free to offer a wide range of features, as their rivals are restricted by legal licensing restrictions.

One advantage Apple has, is that a user can scan their computer for music they own and provide streaming access to the same songs, whereas you would have to spend hours uploading your own songs to Google or Amazons servies.

The hope of course is that by supporting Apple, the record companies are going to end up forcing Search Engine giant Google and Amazons hand into signing equivalent deals with them.

Services such as Spotify have been a success across Europe and charge a subscription fee as Apple is likely to do too.  Spotify do not brand their services as “Cloud”.  They have 13million+ tracks available, allowing unlimited access on and off-line.  Is Cloud-Music a step backwards from this?

With either service, once the consumer stops paying the subscription, the music stops too.

Here at Skyline Marketing, we believe that the success or failure of Cloud-Music is going to depend on what the subscription costs are.  The service will offer an excellent alternative to storing music safely, however a service such as Spotify offers the same protection with a reasonable monthly subscription.  The jury is well and truly out for now, but if it is a success, it would appear that the third party to the table – Apple – may be the winner.

Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues
May 14, 2011

Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues

A very warm welcome to Skyline Marketing, Internet Marketing and SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.  Shares in Search Engine provider Yahoo! have fallen for a third day in a row after the argument between the Search Engine and its Chinese partner Alibaba deepened.

This all stems from Alibaba transferring it’s major internet asset – Alipay to chief executive and Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma.    The Search Engines share price finished 3.6% down.

The shares fell due to the news that Alipay is now out of the grasp of Yahoo!  A bitter standoff appears to be growing now between the two parties, as Yahoo! says that the transfer went ahead in August 2010, but were only told in March 2011.  Contrary, Alibaba says this transaction in question was discussed in a board meeting back in 2009.

During Friday, Alibaba made a statement saying that Yahoo! would have been fully aware of this deal, as they have a seat on the board.

Up until now, Yahoo! had had control over Alipay as it has a 43% private stake in Alibaba (having invested £600m in 2005), however there are now growing fears that Jack Ma may cause further trouble for the Search Engine by spinning off Taobao – China’s largest online shopping site, which again would put a valuable asset out of Yahoo!’s reach.

Google’s Advice to Panda’s Victims
May 8, 2011

Google’s Advice to Panda’s Victims

A good Sunday to you all from Skyline Marketing.  We are on the brink of a new week here in the glorious Exeter, Devon, and embarking on a new SEO and Internet Marketing project for one of our clients.  As we did not quite make the Sundays Times’ Rich List we are still very much here!

In the Search Engine SEO & Internet Marketing World, Amit Singhal of Google has released on an official blog offering advice on building a high quality website.  Google will of course never give away their Search Engine algorithm secrets or blueprint, but here they have asked a number of questions that all those interested in making a site work for SEO & Internet Marketing purposes need to ask themselves.

The golden rule we use at Skyline Marketing is that you should never be chasing Search Engine Algorithm changes and tweaks and always be thinking and adapting ahead of what Google, Bing and Yahoo! are thinking.

The general advice Google has offered before and continues to advise is focus on the user experience and make that viewable to the Search Engine crawlers and you will not go far wrong.  Of course a SEO and Internet Marketing campaign requires much more such as link building, however Google believes start with the user experience and the rest will follow.

At Skyline Marketing while we very much agree with their sentiments, it is clear that carrying out “white-hat” SEO techniques will make your journey up the Search Engines much smoother and more importantly much quicker!  We understand that Google obviously cannot recommend this though.

What are your thoughts on Googles advice?  Have something to say?  Feel free to comment or tweet us @skylinemarketuk

May 2, 2011


SEO, Exeter Devon

Timing Your SEO Strategy

SEO is not an overnight process to need to plan your strategy and give yourself plenty of time to achieve your target.  If you want to get top for your chosen Key phrase in a hurry then PPC (Pay Per Click) is short-term answer.  I says short term, because PPC is an auction, whoever is prepared to pay the most per click gets the top paid slot it’s that simple but if you’re achieving the clicks but not the sales, the costs can soon mount up.  We had a company come to us from London that were spending £60k a year on PPC, when you consider that statistic show that only 35% of internet users will click on a paid ad, just think of the traffic they were missing out on?

Organic search ranking or SEO (search engine optimisation) offers the best ROI (return on investment) for those that have the patience and foresight to wait.  The  length of time it takes to reach page 1? now that does depend how competitive your chosen phrase is? A search such as “Red Tractor doors in Truro” isn’t going to take that long but “Christmas Gifts” a national or globe search will take a lot of time and work, but it’s achievable with the right strategy.

Regardless what product you are selling or service you are offering, to be the best and the market leader you did your need your website at the top of Google.



Apple is “not tracking” & Google fined

Hello again from Skyline Marketing, SEO & Internet Marketing Specialists in Exeter, Devon.

The last few days in the World of Technology & the Internet has seen a lot of pressure on Apple to comment on rumours their devices are recording details of their locations and sharing this data elsewhere.

Apple has now come out denying that either the iPhone or 3G iPad have ever tracked their owners locations and that they have no plans to in the future either.

The tech giant has now released a question and answer statement, which can be viewed online.

Apple claim that any devices that were currently or previously had stored data was merely a “bug” (a raised eyebrow smiley there), and that a fix will be shortly issued to correct the problem.

Apple have been praised though for their open and honesty about the problem and what they do with the information, so perhaps this will now put users minds at rest.

In other recent Search Engine news, Google was fined £3.2million by a Texan Court for a patent infringement of the Linux kernel.

Google use the software as part of its server platform, and want to possibly extend it to their mobile Android platform too.  We will not know the full fallout of their ruling, however the “kernel” is at the centre of all operations when it comes to an open-source operating system.

More Internet Marketing & Technology news soon!

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