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SEO Exeter Devon News: Facebook shares launched

This week Facebook has launched on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and within minutes shares had risen to $42 (more than 10%), before they fell back to $38.23 throughout the day. The launch price of $38 values the social media networking site at $104bn (£66bn). There was an initial delay due to a technical glitch at…
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Facebook Timeline

5 Minute Tips for your Facebook Timeline It is important that each facebook post has a Title, Description and a Thumbnail Be sure to use the ‘milestone’ option Use the Highlight option too. Your Profile Picture  should be 180 x 180 px Custom Tab image should be 111 x 74 px Shared Photo’s are best…
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Good Afternoon Guys and Gals, I’ve just seen this on mashable and I just had to share it with you… great work guys..

Google Profits on the Up & Google+ respect from SEO Exeter

Search Engine Giant Google has seen a huge rise in profits and revenue which beat all forecasts from the Market. Google’s Revenue rose 32% to approximately £6.2bn, and net profit for the previous quarter to June rose 36% from the same quarter in 2010 to £1.5bn. Google+ was launched as the Search Engines social networking…
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Nokia & Apple settle & Facebook losing users?


Greetings from Exeter  to another SEO & Internet Marketing instalment from Skyline Marketing. Facebook says they are “pleased” with their level of growth despite reports from “Inside Facebook” who reported that Facebook lost six million users last month in the US and 100,000 in the UK. Facebook does not generally comment about statistics, especially from…
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£4bn spent on Internet Marketing & Amazon in the Clouds

A new study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC, has shown that recently in the UK, Internet Marketing & Online Advertising smashed the £4billion mark and grew 12.8% in 2010. This equates to growing three times faster than in 2009. It is widely believed that many companies having their budgets squeezed or cut…
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