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HSBC to move out of London & Enterprise to Save Economy?

Good Afternoon from glorious sunny Exeter.  Just returned from walking the dogs, through Devon’s beautiful countryside.  Manchester United have opened the door again for London’s Arsenal to catch them again – i’m sure a certain Liverpool fan from one of our Bristol clients is very happy with that result! Worrying news for jobs and the…

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Google Acquires Dublin Landmark

It has been announced that Google is expanding rapidly in Dublin, it’s European Hub. Google has now purchased the tallest office building in Dublin for approximatley £88 million ($156m). Google likes to give their employees large amounts of workspace that is convenient and comfortable, and there is certainly plenty of it! The location in Dublin…

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What does your company car says about you?

This is what i’m going through today and i’m sure lots of you out there are doing the same. It’s coming up to that time of year again, when the new registration plates are released, and quite possibly the lease car needs to be returned and a new car purchased.  So with Britain coming out…

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