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A very good Monday to Skyline Marketing readers from us all in Exeter, Devon.   We are all having a very productive day in the office so far, celebrating the success of some of our latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work which has come to fruition, and pushing things further with one of our latest clients – Inspired People – Charity Recruitment firm who are based in Bristol, but cover all major cities across the UK.  More about Inspired People in the weeks to come.

Further to the Release Candidate (RC) of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser, the Organisation is claiming over two million downloads have been recorded.

Microsoft only very recently announced that the IE9 RC was available publicly and has commented it is “humbled by the enthusiasm and uptake of IE9″.

The current beta users of IE9 will be notified shortly to upgrade their versions which should force another wave of downloads for the browser. Microsoft is also pleased with the two million figure, as all of these downloads have been the choice of users, rather than forced – is this just the users saying they are fed up with the previous version of the browser and hoping for something faster and powerful?

Microsoft has also said that IE9 will be available on Windows Phone 7 sometime during 2011, so watch this space.

However, the news is not all rosey for Microsoft, as Mozilla, who produce Firefox have claimed that IE9 is “not a modern browser” and is “two years too late”. While many will agree with Mozilla over the “too late” comment, the fact that many users became disillusioned with Internet Explorer in the first place, has only proven to help the Firefox software grow.

Surely now this is Microsofts final chance to re-enter the Browser race, given the increased competition from Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla and Opera?  Mozilla’s Firefox 4 is on the horizon, so Microsoft will have a job on their hands to impress with IE9, or lose further ground in the Internet Browser War.

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