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Googles New Social Network/Facebook Copy & Internet Explorer 9 is Launched!

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.  Once again, many bloggers out there have been racing ahead releasing rumours, gossip and scandal that Google was going to announce a new Social Network to rival the worldwide dominance of facebook.

However, Skyline Marketing can reveal that Google has confirmed this is all nonsense, and that no such project exists.  Of course this maybe just Google wanting to silence any speculation at this stage, and perhaps something major is on the horizon, however here at Skyline, we prefer to deal with just facts, and at this time – nothing is going on.  If we believe this to be a smokescreen and evidence of a new Google Social Network exists, you can be sure we will be one of the first to let you know!

In other news today, it looks like Twitter Third-Party Applications could be under threat. Some of the many software developers who use Twitters source code to produce other non-official Twitter software may see their days numbered, as Twitter appears to be looking at bringing more control over the service – for revenue and commercial purposes perhaps?  Twitter’s main concern is that as the number of users and tweets expands to record levels, that the more third party platforms for Twitter, the more confused users may get.  I think when it comes to technology users, many can make their own mind up – if they want to use the “official” platform, then it’s readily there – if some want great freedom and a more “techy” experience when using Twitter, then this should be available as is now.

Finally today, at long last Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now officially launched!  As things stand, Internet Explorer still retains 56% of the Global Internet Browser market, whereas Firefox has 22%, Chrome 11% and Safari 6%.  Look out over the coming days for our full review of the NEW Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Browser.  Although, those of you still using the more stable Windows XP will be disappointed, as IE9 will only be available at this stage to users of Windows 7 & Vista.

Top 10 Brands on Facebook

Hello there from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend.  The power of facebook. Have you ever wondered how popular certain brands are on facebook?  Do you have doubts on how a Social Media Campaign that goes viral can have a huge effect on your business prospects?

Well, here are the top 10 brands currently on Facebook with their number of followers:

  1. Facebook (bit cheeky but true) – 35 Million
  2. Youtube – 28 Million
  3. Coca-Cola – 22 Million
  4. Starbucks – 19 Million
  5. Disney – 17 Million
  6. MTV – 17 Million
  7. Oreo – 17 Million
  8. Red Bull – 15 Million
  9. Skittles – 15 Million
  10. Converse – 13 Million

Okay, so your hosting servers might not cope with 13+ million hits rocking up on it, however it does demonstrate how seriously the big brands take their presence on facebook, through special offers, vouchers, competitions and latest company news.  Give your visitors something to return for – be a vital resource in your industry and you will grow your following.  Expand your following with the use of blogging and twitter and you will be on course to huge success with your Social Media campaign!

In other news, there has been the awful crisis in Japan which once again brings home how precious life is at times, and I am sure everyone out there in the World of Internet Marketing & everyone at Skyline Marketing sends their condolences and best wishes to everyone who has been affected.

Updated – You: Google’s Spam Police?

Good Evening from the SEO hub that is Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon!

During last month we were one of the first to break the news that Google had launched a new “add-on” for their popular Internet Browser, Chrome – “Block Sites from Googles Search Results”.

Now here we are again to announce that it seems Google has now added the same feature to all of you lucky Google Search Engine users, regardless of browser choice.  (Good news for Rob, the “anti-Christ Chromer” among us).

Once again, the long-and-short of things, is that via a link, you can quickly remove and ban individual search results.  The only requirement is that you are logged into your Google account, so the questions begging to be asked, is this going to be a popular tool?  Is Google that bad at its job that it cannot display the appropriate content to start with?  Is this going to open the door to further abuse if Google starts taking action on the results?

Rural Broadband Plans get the Bandwidth

Good Evening from the SEO Capital of the South-West… Exeter, Devon.  (I’ve no idea if that’s true or not, sorry.)

Bit of a quiet couple of days news wise from the SEO industry, one story did catch my eye that affects Somerset, Devon & Cornwall was that the Government are going to be pushing ahead with rolling out rural Broadband services.  In this day and age, it’s bizarre when you realise there are so many rural areas still without a decent speed internet connection.  This will benefit rural businesses hugely who will be able to increase their Internet Marketing campaigns, but have been restricted up until now.  Read more here.

SEO, Online Marketing and the new MacBook Pro

Good Afternoon from a Grey Devon,

As it Friday afternoon and I’m writing this blog on an old Dell laptop, credit to the dell it still works but I miss my MacBook Pro (it should be back with me tomorrow)

While we’re on the subject of MacBooks, the New MacBook Pro looks impressive, I’m loving the new Thunderbolt technology, it will connect the next generation of high-performance peripherals to the next generation of computers and is more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800 and up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0. Impressive.  I can’t wait!

The Final word this week on SEO and Internet Marking,

“Having a great website and not marketing it, is like waving in the dark, you know you’re doing it but nobody else can see you”

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing, Good luck to Exeter City and the Chiefs.


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