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Googles New Social Network/Facebook Copy & Internet Explorer 9 is Launched!

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.  Once again, many bloggers out there have been racing ahead releasing rumours, gossip and scandal that Google was going to announce a new Social Network to rival the worldwide dominance of facebook. However, Skyline Marketing can reveal that Google has confirmed this is all nonsense, and that no…
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Top 10 Brands on Facebook

Hello there from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon. We hope you’ve had a great weekend.  The power of facebook. Have you ever wondered how popular certain brands are on facebook?  Do you have doubts on how a Social Media Campaign that goes viral can have a huge effect on your business prospects? Well, here are the…
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Updated – You: Google’s Spam Police?

Good Evening from the SEO hub that is Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon! During last month we were one of the first to break the news that Google had launched a new “add-on” for their popular Internet Browser, Chrome – “Block Sites from Googles Search Results”. Now here we are again to announce that it…
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Rural Broadband Plans get the Bandwidth

Good Evening from the SEO Capital of the South-West… Exeter, Devon.  (I’ve no idea if that’s true or not, sorry.) Bit of a quiet couple of days news wise from the SEO industry, one story did catch my eye that affects Somerset, Devon & Cornwall was that the Government are going to be pushing ahead…
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SEO, Online Marketing and the new MacBook Pro

Good Afternoon from a Grey Devon, As it Friday afternoon and I’m writing this blog on an old Dell laptop, credit to the dell it still works but I miss my MacBook Pro (it should be back with me tomorrow) While we’re on the subject of MacBooks, the New MacBook Pro looks impressive, I’m loving…
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