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The importance of integrating online marketing within your overall marketing strategy

25.06.2013. Alison JobsonOnline marketing is the relatively new kid on the marketing block. It includes any form of marketing that uses the Internet and covers search engine optimisations (SEO), e-mail marketing, social media, pay-per-click, blogging, QR codes, video, online advertising to name but a few. Its counterpart, offline marketing, encompasses the more traditional forms of marketing such as advertising (TV, radio, press, outdoor), direct mail, public relations and sponsorship.


Online marketing continues to grow in importance and the following statistics from the Office of National Statistics illustrate why:


  • In 2013, 36 million adults (73%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, from 24% to 53%
  • In 2013, 72% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2008
  • In Great Britain, 21 million households (83%) had Internet access in 2013


Online marketing also brings the following advantages over offline marketing:


Improved effectiveness: an online marketing campaign can be adjusted midway through to improve its effectiveness or capitalise on an opportunity that arises. This is rarely possible in the offline arena.  When a leaflet or advert has gone to print it is too late!

Better targeting: online marketing can target specific demographic groups much more effectively than offline marketing.

Real time tracking: the performance of marketing campaigns can easily be tracked, and often in real time, using online analytic tools. Codes and coupons can be used in offline marketing but overall the results are much harder to monitor.

Cost effective: online promotions have unlimited reach and can be relatively inexpensive. Email is very cheap to send in comparison to postal mail. To advertise widely or send a large volume of direct mail can be prohibitively expensive.

Instant conversion: customers can be taken directly to your website where they may make an immediate purchase. Offline marketing techniques often have a longer lead-time to convert a customer into a sale.


Clearly it is extremely important that online marketing techniques form part of your overall marketing mix. However, offline marketing should not be forgotten and often the best marketing campaigns are those that integrate both. As with any marketing planning the key starting point is to determine who your target audience is and what is the most appropriate platform for them.


At Straight Marketing we help businesses to plan their marketing strategy, incorporating a mix of online and offline marketing techniques, and assist them to effectively implement it.


Christmas Shopping Deadline for SEO Exeter !

Welcome to this weeks Skyline Marketing blog.  Normally we look at what has been happening in the world of technology and SEO, however this week I want to address an important SEO topic for many – Christmas!

This may seem like a strange topic to be covering considering it is still pleasant(ish) outside, however when we first started Skyline Marketing, we carried out plenty of market research and unsurprisingly, many people around Christmas time suddenly wanted and needed to be top of Google and looked into a SEO and Internet Marketing campaign.

Marvellous – apart from the fact that the expectation was a one-off fee could be paid and voila, page 1 of Google here you come – uh no.

Read more

Good.bye to – SEO implications?
June 22, 2011

Good.bye to – SEO implications?

Thanks for visiting Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.  The true British summer is upon us of rain and people looking at the sky scratching their heads and wondering when the sun will appear…

In other news, Icann the Global Internet body has given the go-ahead for one of the biggest changes in the history of the Internet. The popular suffixes of .com/.org/ will no longer be on a list of  about 250 domain suffixes but they are to be opened up to an unlimited landscape of dot.anything!

The cost of $185,000 to have your own .seo .internetmarketing .skylinemarketing may be a little restrictive to some smaller companies, however we can no doubt expect to see .google .microsoft .apple appearing in our Search Engine Results and advertising in the not too distant future.

Are companies going to really make that effort to push you away from the globally renowned .com for the sake of a better domain name?

The evidence is already there.  Here is something to ponder – (and it really goes to prove how Social Media is the latest SEO & Internet Marketing tool on the Internet) – how many billboards do you see now that has a companies website address?  Look closely… the vast majority of companies are now making sure they have their own Facebook URL in their advertising more-so then their own web address.  (For the record, you can visit ours at )

Now Social Media is a huge thing in our SEO circles, however one technique that over the years has bought excellent results in the Search Engine Results, is having a keyword domain – for example  In recent times, Google has said it would give less weight to keyword domains, however it seems for now that companies creating their own suffix will be able to create their own keyword domain also.  We think overall that having a keyword domain will prove less useful – surely this decision has nothing to do with Google?

Speaking of Google though – the global Search Engine has changed its homepage and one of the features that has finally been dropped is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which would automatically load the top ranking search result.  This is probably due to Google having an auto-search that starts showing  your Search Engine Results as you type your keyword search query, although some believe it has been removed due to Google having less faith in its top results… We will let you decide!

Rural Broadband, Legal Challenge to Digital Economy Act & Paypal sues Google
May 30, 2011

Rural Broadband, Legal Challenge to Digital Economy Act & Paypal sues Google

Welcome to Skyline Marketing’s review of the weekly technology News covering Internet Services, SEO & Internet Marketing.

It has been announced that nearly £50million of investment for Devon & Somerset (£30m), Norfolk (£15m) and Wiltshire (£4m) is to be provided to help these rural areas provide high-speed broadband internet services.  Existing pilot schemes currently exist in the North & Scotland.  The investment is part of a £530 million allocated from the Comprehensive Spending Review.  Further announcements for other rural areas for faster Internet Services are likely to be made during the current parliament.

Tenders for the contractors to carry out the upgrading of the internet infrastructure will now take place, and it is expected for the upgrades to take some sort of shape within 12 months.  Internet Service Providers (ISPs) including o2 who were recently named fastest for download speeds, will hopefully at this point be able to install their equipment and offer cheaper deals to those in rural areas.

In other news, BT & Talk Talk are to appeal against a ruling in the controversial Digital Economy Act.  The telecom and Internet Service Providers believe the anti-piracy legislation within the act are contrary to European Laws on privacy and commerce.  The legal challenge has arisen as the act requires Internet Service Providers to hand over the identities of people who are believed to be committing piracy breaches to music labels and the such.

However, the High Court believes this is not breaching privacy or commerce laws and as a result the law that was hurried through shortly before the 2010 General Election remains in tact.  BT and TalkTalk are now taking leave to appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal.

Finally today, Microsoft Mach II (Google), has once again upset another worldwide corporate success – PayPal – this time over claims that Google has stolen Paypals “mobile wallet” technology that Google launched last week.  The technology allows users to pay for products in shops with their smartphones, and surprisingly enough as is generally the case, it has already been a success in Japan.

Osama Bedier, who was previously a former PayPal executive, was hired in January this year by Google and became their Vice-President of Payments.  In the Court papers Paypal said:

“Google put Bedier in charge of its mobile payment business, virtually ensuring that Bedier would misappropriate PayPal’s trade secrets concerning planning and competitive assessments in mobile payment.”

Google declined to comment until it had received the complaint in writing and had had time to review it thoroughly.

Thanks for taking the time to read, we will be back with more SEO, Internet Marketing & Technology news soon!  Have a great bank holiday from all at Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.

Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues
May 14, 2011

Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues

A very warm welcome to Skyline Marketing, Internet Marketing and SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.  Shares in Search Engine provider Yahoo! have fallen for a third day in a row after the argument between the Search Engine and its Chinese partner Alibaba deepened.

This all stems from Alibaba transferring it’s major internet asset – Alipay to chief executive and Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma.    The Search Engines share price finished 3.6% down.

The shares fell due to the news that Alipay is now out of the grasp of Yahoo!  A bitter standoff appears to be growing now between the two parties, as Yahoo! says that the transfer went ahead in August 2010, but were only told in March 2011.  Contrary, Alibaba says this transaction in question was discussed in a board meeting back in 2009.

During Friday, Alibaba made a statement saying that Yahoo! would have been fully aware of this deal, as they have a seat on the board.

Up until now, Yahoo! had had control over Alipay as it has a 43% private stake in Alibaba (having invested £600m in 2005), however there are now growing fears that Jack Ma may cause further trouble for the Search Engine by spinning off Taobao – China’s largest online shopping site, which again would put a valuable asset out of Yahoo!’s reach.

Google’s Advice to Panda’s Victims
May 8, 2011

Google’s Advice to Panda’s Victims

A good Sunday to you all from Skyline Marketing.  We are on the brink of a new week here in the glorious Exeter, Devon, and embarking on a new SEO and Internet Marketing project for one of our clients.  As we did not quite make the Sundays Times’ Rich List we are still very much here!

In the Search Engine SEO & Internet Marketing World, Amit Singhal of Google has released on an official blog offering advice on building a high quality website.  Google will of course never give away their Search Engine algorithm secrets or blueprint, but here they have asked a number of questions that all those interested in making a site work for SEO & Internet Marketing purposes need to ask themselves.

The golden rule we use at Skyline Marketing is that you should never be chasing Search Engine Algorithm changes and tweaks and always be thinking and adapting ahead of what Google, Bing and Yahoo! are thinking.

The general advice Google has offered before and continues to advise is focus on the user experience and make that viewable to the Search Engine crawlers and you will not go far wrong.  Of course a SEO and Internet Marketing campaign requires much more such as link building, however Google believes start with the user experience and the rest will follow.

At Skyline Marketing while we very much agree with their sentiments, it is clear that carrying out “white-hat” SEO techniques will make your journey up the Search Engines much smoother and more importantly much quicker!  We understand that Google obviously cannot recommend this though.

What are your thoughts on Googles advice?  Have something to say?  Feel free to comment or tweet us @skylinemarketuk

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