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A very happy new year to all of our readers.  Microsoft have started 2012 by celebrating the demise of Internet Explorer 6 by baking a cake!

Less than 1% of US and UK internet surfers now use the outdated internet browser.  Internet Explorer 6 was easily voted the worst browser to ever be released by any of the internet giants out there, and Microsoft will be delighted to see the back of it.

However, over at Google’s headquarters, the mood was less cheerful as the search engine giant has had to downgrade its own browser Chrome, after it turned out that a marketing campaign had paid bloggers to promote a video.

Google distanced itself from the campaign and has blamed a third-party marketing firm Essence Digital.

“Google never approved a sponsored-post campaign. They only agreed to buy online video ads. Google have consistently avoided paid postings to promote their products, because in their view these kind of promotions are not transparent or in the best interests of users.

We apologise to Google who clearly didn’t authorise this.”

The story took the SEO world by storm, as a little bit of Google’s shine was tarnished by events, although while Google dropped “chrome” from its search results “browser”, however everyone at Skyline was a little amused that Googled then put “News articles” at the top of the search results, which given the whole incident put the Chrome story at the very top!

More SEO & Internet Marketing news very soon from Skyline Marketing.

Flash dropped from Microsoft Windows 8 tablet

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company covering Exeter, Devon and Bristol.

Windows 8 – Microsofts latest version of the worldwide success story, is to be lacking in one of the most widely used technology on the web – Adobe Flash.

The Flash technology will be supported on the desktop versions of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer but not on the tablet version.

This follows Apple’s lead which has had a long-standing policy of not supporting Adobe Flash on its hand held products, such as iPad and iPhones.  Steve Jobs said in 2010:

“We don’t want to reduce the reliability and security of our iPhones, iPods and iPads by adding Flash…”

“…the number one reason Macs crash is Flash.”

The reason behinds Microsoft move is to increase stability and privacy.

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Microsoft failure questions Cloud technology again

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter.

Last night, millions of users of Microsofts cloud technology were left without service after a major failure.

The main failures affected Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive.  The problem appeared to be related to the internet’s DNS address system.

The argument over the reliability of cloud computing versus local storage is now being called into question again.

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Microsoft hit $70bn in Revenue, & Internet Explorer still useless for any SEO Company

Welcome to the latest SEO & Internet Marketing blog from Skyline Marketing, Exeter Devon.

Microsoft, the original US technology success story, has reported that the annual revenues of the company has hit a record $69.94bn.  The net profit of Microsoft jumped 23% to $23.15bn for the year.  The final quarter was the most impressive with revenues hitting $17.37bn and profits of $5.87bn!  This easily beat all forecasts from the markets and the I.T. sector.

The record breaking figures have been aided by the extremely popular Xbox 360 games console and also the “Office” software.

Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook was the biggest seller for the company in the final quarter with an increase of sales by 7% to $5.8bn.

As for as Bing, the Search Engine arm of Microsoft and its other online services unit, sales were increased by 16.% to $662m, however losses ran up to $728m, as Bing tries to come up with more unique ways of fighting the biggest Search Engine of them all – Google.

Ironically, the one product that Microsoft will be globally renowned for – Windows – was one of the ‘weakest’ areas for the company.  However, this will come as little surprise as more and more consumers make the switch from laptops or conventional PC’s to products such as iPad, or tablets.

Intel also warned this week, that its PC sales would not be as strong as it had first expected for this year – once again with iPad2 having been released, and more and more tablet options entering the market, could the death of the laptop be on the horizon?  Microsoft will release its tablet offering next year – behind everyone again – and “Windows 8″ is expected to be the new operating system of choice here.

Microsoft does not help itself though with its Internet offerings – Bing, while a good Search Engine in some respects – especially when it comes to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project, is still lagging way behind Google in the trust and popularity stakes – and many will still just aim high in Google until (or if) there is ever a change in direction when it comes to Search Engine Results.  However, the most irritating part of Microsoft for us here at Skyline Marketing, is Internet Explorer.

With all the hype of version 9 at last being able to match the simplicity and speed of other browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari, I found myself looking for the uninstall button for IE9 as I tore my increasingly receding hairline out from the frustration of it crashing and waiting.  Google Chrome has proved that a simple back to basics browser is popular with users, so why can Microsoft not see this?

The news is mostly positive for Microsoft though, as the technology giant is the latest to exceed profit predictions, after Google, Apple and IBM all had strong results recently.

Have a great week – hopefully the weather will improve on last weeks rain and we look forward to welcoming you back for more SEO & Internet Marketing news from Skyline Marketing soon.

Google Panda Update arrives in the UK

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, Exeter Devon.  It has been an interesting week for SEO and Internet Marketing companies in the UK.  Googles recent “Panda” update was unleashed on UK websites and search results.

At this point, yes we are going blow our own trumpets… For a domain that is just over 3 months old, we had another boost to our ranking, up to 3rd now for “SEO Exeter”.

Yes rankings move up and down, perhaps it is a coincidence that this happened the same day as the Panda Update arrived in the UK.  It does however show, that keeping to white-collar Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques is the best way to move a site up the search engine results.

The Panda update has punished a lot of UK price comparison sites, including Microsofts “Ciao” website.  The cynic would say this is because of Microsoft’s “anti-trust” suit against Google in Europe, I personally think however that when put into context with other sites that have lost traffic and rankings, that simply this is another case of Google redressing the balance, showing how quality links and content (and not just quantity) are some of the most important factors of a successful SEO campaign.

Google +1: The future or the beginning of the end?

All of the recent hype surrounding Google’s new “+1″ feature has got us all talking about the future of SEO, and Internet Marketing, here in the Skyline Marketing office.  For those of you who have happened to have had your heads buried in the sand for the past few days, Google has launched it’s own version of “Facebook Like” – but for Search Engine Results.  Users who are logged into their Google account can “vote” for results with the aid of the new “+1″ button.  The data will be shared between your social circles.

For now, this is only available as a “trial” for those wishing to partake via their Google account, however if this is to be extended Worldwide, then what future for organic Search Engine Results?  Google claims at this time, it will have no effect on organic results, however the “Search Team” are very excited about the potential it could bring – what’s that? – Spammers selling +1 links?  Cannot wait for that one.

Is Google beginning to treat people with such disdain that it thinks we need our friends to recommend sites to us?  I ran a search on Saturday for a client, and the second most popular result went to a domain that had expired!  The website was gone and yet Google thinks this is relevant to me?  Why won’t Google focus on getting the basics right, and let users decide for themselves if they think it’s relevant or not?

Another client wanting to rank on page 1 for a certain search term.  After a lot of work, we got them to page 1.  However, on Rob’s computer they ranked 2nd and on mine they ranked 9th.  Rob cleared out all his personal cache and they dropped to 9th.  How is this helpful to anyone?

Does a day go by when you don’t hear the words “Google” and “anti-trust” in the same sentence?  Perhaps Microsoft, the US Government and many others now raising an eyebrow in Googles direction will at last get them focussed on putting their house in order and make their Search Engine work, and stop trying to copy Facebook fads.

There are a lot of hardworking SEO & Internet Marketing companies out there stick to best practises and do a good job, have our lives been made more difficult or do you think this will help us further in the long run?

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