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Apples Music Cloud on the horizon


A very warm welcome to the latest instalment from Skyline Marketing, SEO & Internet Marketing in Exeter and Devon. It was announced at the end of the week that Apple has signed a licensing agreement with EMI music to allow them distribute their work via cloud internet technology.  According to several sources, Apple are also…
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4G Consultation Launched – Can you even get 3G?!

Greetings from Skyline Marketing, your local SEO and Internet Marketing hub in Exeter, Devon.  It has been a few days since our last blog – nothing to do with the fact I have been recovering from the shock of filling my car up at over £1.30 a litre!  I am sure it will be reported…
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Virgin Media Reaches 1 Million with 100Mb Broadband – Who cares?

Greetings from Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon.  Virgin Media have announced that 1 Million of their High Speed Internet Service Users are receiving speeds of up to 100mb! Virgin’s goal is to have the product fully rolled out by the end of June 2012, and this is a huge achievement along that road to meeting…
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Microsoft Kinect – Worldbreaker

Greetings from Skyline Marketing HQ, Exeter, Devon.  Bit of a slow news day in the World of Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing, however this story with regards to our game console of choice caught the eye.  (Sony PS3 readers need not read further :D). More than 10 million of Microsofts Kinect Sensor Systems have been…
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Rural Broadband Plans get the Bandwidth

Good Evening from the SEO Capital of the South-West… Exeter, Devon.  (I’ve no idea if that’s true or not, sorry.) Bit of a quiet couple of days news wise from the SEO industry, one story did catch my eye that affects Somerset, Devon & Cornwall was that the Government are going to be pushing ahead…
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Steve Jobs Launches iPad2

Good Evening SEO fans from Devon! Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance in San Francisco to launch Apples forthcoming new tablet the iPad 2.  Read more about the launch and a sneak preview of the iPad here: There has been some criticism that the new iPad will only have slight updates, and that Apple will…
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