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SEO News: Search Engine Market Shares

It has been announced that Bing has grown its market share further for the third month running, with both Google and Yahoo experiencing a drop.

The search engine owned by Microsoft increased its share to 15.9 percent, which is not up 1.2 percent over the past twelve months.

Google saw a slight drop from 66.8 percent to 66.4 percent, however is still nearly up 4 percent from August 2011.

Yahoo continued its slide with a drop down to 12.8 percent, nearly a 4 percent drop in search engine market share since August 2011.

In total, 68.8 percent of organic searches were performed through Google and 25.3 percent were powered by Bing.

SEO News: Happy 1st Birthday Google+

Google+ has reached its first birthday, with around 250 million users.

Google was very quick to point out that their social network has exceeded all expectations, given the criticism that has been levelled at the network since day one.

Of the 250 million users that have registered, 150 million are active with the average Google Plus user spending 12 minutes on the service.  Google has also revealed that the vast majority of users access the social network via a mobile device.

How does this compare with Facebook?  Facebook launched in 2004 and has over 900 million users now.

Google+ has shown good growth in its first year, and will be pushing their social results where possible into their Search Engine Results.

From what we can see though, it is a carbon copy of Facebook in most ways, which begs the question, are Google going to use their search engine dominance to force people away from Facebook to Google+, or will users stick to Facebook and Twitter, the biggest two social networks out there, that complement each other in a unique way?  Let us know your thoughts!

The Environment Agency visits Skyline Marketing

I visited Rob and Adam at Skyline Marketing today to find out about SEO and social media and whether we are maximising the potential of our site. It was great finding out about all the work that happens ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure that the most is made of the content that is displayed on our pages. The meta data behind the web page is just as important as the content. There is a lot of work that goes into making sure pages are readily available to customers and most importantly in a language that they will understand.

I work for the Environment Agency as a Digital Content Officer. Alongside three other team members we manage a community of 130 website publishers and oversee the content on our website and intranet of which in total there are more than 60,000 web pages.

There is a lot of information I can take back to the business with regard to how we prepare our web pages from the way we write page titles to the reports we could have access to, to improve the visibility of our content against the rest of the UK.

Thanks guys!


Penguin Disaster? Why you should hire Skyline Marketing for SEO

There has been much hype in the SEO and Google Worlds for those that have been struck down by a Penguin (update).

Many people have been complaining on forums and blogs that the evil powers of Google have dumped their ranking, and we have fielded new enquiries from companies who have seen a drop in traffic since the Penguin update was first released.

What does Google want from SEO?

Google has always said it wants relevant, creative and quality websites for visitors to reach through its search engine results.  The Penguin update has basically validated what Google has always preached.  Many have seen pages that have been created just to benefit search engines and their rankings without offering any genuine content or value has been downgraded.

This should not be as big a shock as we are seeing, as Google has repeated warnings that it does not like tactics that are used to trick their search engine and has repeatedly told us through many interviews with Matt Cutts, that this is not the long-term answer.

What is the answer now for SEO?

Make sure you have high quality content!  Keywords will naturally be included, but it is important not to go over the top.  The benefit of making quality content will mean more people will link to it – not exactly rocket science, but vital for the future of link building.

If you have been adversely effected by a Penguin update, then get in touch with us here at Skyline Marketing now on 01392 243210.

SEO News: Google set to offer free cloud

This is week in SEO news, it is expected that Google will be announcing the launch of a new consumer service which will offer cloud storage for online content and data.

It is expected that Google will offer 5GB of free storage with more available for a monthly fee.  The main competitors for the Google “Drive” include current services Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

Google, just like their social media platform Google+ are very late to the market for Cloud products, and Facebook are expected to make an acquisition in due course – most likely Dropbox.

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