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Hello – It’s nearly February 2013

Hello, Well, January has flown by, what a start to 2013. We’ve picked up a couple more clients including Ashby Crane and co who specialise in Jewellery repairs in Exeter . They offer a truly world class service and we’re delighted to be helping them grow their online presence. In other news, we’re moving (again), which is a…
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  SEO AND SOCIAL MEDIA STATS Hello From Skyline Marketing. I found this info-graphic earlier, via visual loop, and its quite staggering that 23% of British Companies DO NOT  have a website, let-alone not actively participate in any SEO. A recent report on the BBC’s website stated that, the UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’. So if you have a UK…
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SEO Company Exeter News: Yahoo Search Engine share slips further

Thanks for visiting our latest blog from Skyline Marketing – SEO Company Exeter. During December, in the USA, Bing overtook Yahoo to become the number two search engine.  The figures for January 2012 are now through and it is not looking any better for the Search Engine. Google increased to 66.2 percent (up 0.3 percent)….
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SEO Company Exeter News: Users reject Google personalised

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing – SEO Company Exeter. There has been much talk recently of Google’s personalised search results.  A recent survey by “Ask Your Target Market” were asked about whether they want their Google search results to be personalised by previous searches and data from social networking sites.  The results…
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SEO Company Exeter News: The End of SEO?

Welcome to Skyline Marketing’s latest blog – SEO Company Exeter. Google has come under fire for its decision to merge over 60 Privacy Policies into one. The biggest change of late has come in the shape of Google+ merging into search results, giving Google a monopoly of integrating Social Media into search results. The SEO…
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Microsoft failure questions Cloud technology again

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter. Last night, millions of users of Microsofts cloud technology were left without service after a major failure. The main failures affected Hotmail, Office 365 and Skydrive.  The problem appeared to be related to the internet’s DNS address system. The argument over the reliability…
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