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Nokia & Apple settle & Facebook losing users?


Greetings from Exeter  to another SEO & Internet Marketing instalment from Skyline Marketing. Facebook says they are “pleased” with their level of growth despite reports from “Inside Facebook” who reported that Facebook lost six million users last month in the US and 100,000 in the UK. Facebook does not generally comment about statistics, especially from…
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Google’s Chrome Gets an upgrade (again)

Good Morning from a mild grey Exeter, Devon. As you know Skyline Marketing are a SEO company in Exeter Devon, that offer a great service to our clients. My sanity was tested by Chrome this weekend, so i’m very glad of this upgrade.  You may or may not have read my article a few months…
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SEO Companies

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, the SEO Company in Exeter Devon. This will only be a micro-blog as it’s Saturday night. I really wish web site design company that claim to know about SEO would stop offering the service because they are really not very good at it.  It is like buying a television from…
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Linked in

Hello from Skyline Marketing a SEO Company in Devon Linked in clamped down in china, It is still remarkable what the Chinese government can get away with! More news from the SEO company in Exeter soon.

The First look at Googles’ New Toolbar ?

Good Evening again from The SEO company in Exeter, Devon. Is this a sneak preview of Googles’ new toolbar ? it appears that your Gmail account details will be displayed on the toolbar, not ground-breaking news by any stretch of the imagination but still its a early preview. (Allegedly) We like to see the following…
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