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Hello – It’s nearly February 2013


Well, January has flown by, what a start to 2013. We’ve picked up a couple more clients including Ashby Crane and co who specialise in Jewellery repairs in Exeter . They offer a truly world class service and we’re delighted to be helping them grow their online presence.

In other news, we’re moving (again), which is a shame because we love The Barton in Dunchideock but we feel our business will be better to suited to the environment which the Innovation Centre at Exeter University offers.   We’re really looking forward to working from such a prestigious location.  We’ll keep you updated on the move.

Our App(s)

We’re very hopefully that 2013 will see the development of a least one app for both iPhone and Android, these apps will be aimed at making you life easier. We’re hoping they’ll be free to download but a final decision has yet to be made, again we’ll keep you posted.


2012 saw another big change to Googles algorithm and with spring just around the corner I’m sure they’ll be another interesting change by Google – the Good news is, if you are already a client of our you shouldn’t any massive changes to your rankings as we solely focus on white hat techniques.

Right, that’s all from the home of Exeter’s number one SEO Company.

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Growth on the horizon for Exeter SEO firm (us!)

Skyline Marketing appeared on this week.

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SEO News: Search Engine Market Shares

It has been announced that Bing has grown its market share further for the third month running, with both Google and Yahoo experiencing a drop.

The search engine owned by Microsoft increased its share to 15.9 percent, which is not up 1.2 percent over the past twelve months.

Google saw a slight drop from 66.8 percent to 66.4 percent, however is still nearly up 4 percent from August 2011.

Yahoo continued its slide with a drop down to 12.8 percent, nearly a 4 percent drop in search engine market share since August 2011.

In total, 68.8 percent of organic searches were performed through Google and 25.3 percent were powered by Bing.

SEO News: Google Panda is back

Google has released a new Panda refresh for those in the world of SEO to deal with.

Although the first Panda update went live in February 2011, Google is always looking at refreshing the update, on top of the recent Penguin update, to reward high quality content that is useful to readers, instead of article spinning and those who link to bad linking neighbourhoods.

Google has always recommended users read this blog post from May 2011 for more information on building a high-quality, that will in turn bring high quality rankings.

Hopefully you have seen some improvements in your rankings, however if you have suffered at all, get in touch with Skyline Marketing for SEO & Google Panda help.

SEO News: Happy 1st Birthday Google+

Google+ has reached its first birthday, with around 250 million users.

Google was very quick to point out that their social network has exceeded all expectations, given the criticism that has been levelled at the network since day one.

Of the 250 million users that have registered, 150 million are active with the average Google Plus user spending 12 minutes on the service.  Google has also revealed that the vast majority of users access the social network via a mobile device.

How does this compare with Facebook?  Facebook launched in 2004 and has over 900 million users now.

Google+ has shown good growth in its first year, and will be pushing their social results where possible into their Search Engine Results.

From what we can see though, it is a carbon copy of Facebook in most ways, which begs the question, are Google going to use their search engine dominance to force people away from Facebook to Google+, or will users stick to Facebook and Twitter, the biggest two social networks out there, that complement each other in a unique way?  Let us know your thoughts!

The Environment Agency visits Skyline Marketing

I visited Rob and Adam at Skyline Marketing today to find out about SEO and social media and whether we are maximising the potential of our site. It was great finding out about all the work that happens ‘behind the scenes’ to make sure that the most is made of the content that is displayed on our pages. The meta data behind the web page is just as important as the content. There is a lot of work that goes into making sure pages are readily available to customers and most importantly in a language that they will understand.

I work for the Environment Agency as a Digital Content Officer. Alongside three other team members we manage a community of 130 website publishers and oversee the content on our website and intranet of which in total there are more than 60,000 web pages.

There is a lot of information I can take back to the business with regard to how we prepare our web pages from the way we write page titles to the reports we could have access to, to improve the visibility of our content against the rest of the UK.

Thanks guys!


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