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Penguin Disaster? Why you should hire Skyline Marketing for SEO

There has been much hype in the SEO and Google Worlds for those that have been struck down by a Penguin (update).

Many people have been complaining on forums and blogs that the evil powers of Google have dumped their ranking, and we have fielded new enquiries from companies who have seen a drop in traffic since the Penguin update was first released.

What does Google want from SEO?

Google has always said it wants relevant, creative and quality websites for visitors to reach through its search engine results.  The Penguin update has basically validated what Google has always preached.  Many have seen pages that have been created just to benefit search engines and their rankings without offering any genuine content or value has been downgraded.

This should not be as big a shock as we are seeing, as Google has repeated warnings that it does not like tactics that are used to trick their search engine and has repeatedly told us through many interviews with Matt Cutts, that this is not the long-term answer.

What is the answer now for SEO?

Make sure you have high quality content!  Keywords will naturally be included, but it is important not to go over the top.  The benefit of making quality content will mean more people will link to it – not exactly rocket science, but vital for the future of link building.

If you have been adversely effected by a Penguin update, then get in touch with us here at Skyline Marketing now on 01392 243210.

SEO Exeter News: New iPad unveiled and sold out already?

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter, SEO London & SEO Bristol.

There has been much excitement in the Skyline office this week with the new iPad unveiled by Apple.  The new model has a high-definition screen with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.

Apple chief, Tim Cook claims to have:

“…redefined once again the category Apple created”.

The “3″ will not be used, but the latest model will just been known as the “iPad”.  Many in the SEO world are looking forward to the gorgeous screen, however some are reported as disappointed that “Siri” – famed for its iPhone 4S introduction will not be included.

Many believe that there is nothing too spectacular to have Apple riding off into the sunset when it comes to tablets, however for all the criticism, reports are saying there will be a wait for UK users of the product, as demand is expected to wipe out all supply, as many iPad “1″ users are looking to upgrade now.

For many reasons at the moment, this is a very exciting time for Skyline Marketing, so the new iPad will no doubt be appearing on our shopping list very soon!

SEO Exeter News: EU law breached by Google privacy changes

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter, SEO London and SEO Bristol.

After much discussion over Google’s privacy changes, the EU’s justice commissioner has come out and said that the changes that Google have forced on all SEO and global Google users are in breach of European law.

The issue comes down to the EU’s “transparency rules”.  The change now means Google can collect data from one area of the search engine giant and pass them onto other areas of the company, for example YouTube.

Google has said it believes it complies:

“We are confident that our new simple, clear and transparent privacy policy respects all European data protection laws and principles…”

Many critics are saying this will simply allow Google to increase advert revenue by targeting more adverts at their users, rather than protecting their privacy interests.  Furthermore with Google now obsessed with making Google+ “work” and take on Facebook, Google will be using all of its power (and data) to feed into search engine results, as much personalised data as possible.

Now Google has gone ahead with the privacy change anyway, it is very Microsoft-ish where they simply got too big for their boots and received an anti-trust suit in the US.  Google seems to not care who it upsets, providing it can implement what it wants, and many are beginning to think this could be a very slippery slope to a new anti-trust suit against Google that could spell big trouble for the search engine.

What do you think?  We will await developments with interest!

SEO Exeter News: Google tracking Safari users?

This week in SEO Exeter news, Google has spoken out after a report from a Stanford University declared that Google was bypassing settings on the Safari browser, which are intended to block tracking tools.  It was reported that Google were able to record the user activity for both OS and iOS versions of Safari.

Since the issue coming to light, Google has now disabled the features, so data is not longer being recorded by the Search Engine giant, however Google has now responded saying that this coding was used to provide additional services for users who were logged into their Google accounts and so would be “benefiting”.

To enable these features, we created a temporary communication link between Safari browsers and Google’s servers, so that we could ascertain whether Safari users were also signed into Google, and had opted for this type of personalization,” Whetstone said. ”But we designed this so that the information passing between the user’s Safari browser and Google’s servers was anonymous, effectively creating a barrier between their personal information and the web content they browse…

This also puts Apple in a slightly dark light, as they are now under scrutiny for their privacy procedures.  Apple has not made comment on the recent news, however it has also been reported that iOS applications have been able to use address books on devices, so it is expected we may receive comment from Apple at some point.

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