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Penguin Disaster? Why you should hire Skyline Marketing for SEO

There has been much hype in the SEO and Google Worlds for those that have been struck down by a Penguin (update). Many people have been complaining on forums and blogs that the evil powers of Google have dumped their ranking, and we have fielded new enquiries from companies who have seen a drop in…
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SEO Exeter News: New iPad unveiled and sold out already?

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter, SEO London & SEO Bristol. There has been much excitement in the Skyline office this week with the new iPad unveiled by Apple.  The new model has a high-definition screen with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. Apple chief, Tim Cook claims to have: “…redefined once again the category Apple…
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SEO Exeter News: EU law breached by Google privacy changes

Welcome to Skyline Marketing – SEO Exeter, SEO London and SEO Bristol. After much discussion over Google’s privacy changes, the EU’s justice commissioner has come out and said that the changes that Google have forced on all SEO and global Google users are in breach of European law. The issue comes down to the EU’s…
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SEO Exeter News: Google tracking Safari users?

This week in SEO Exeter news, Google has spoken out after a report from a Stanford University declared that Google was bypassing settings on the Safari browser, which are intended to block tracking tools.  It was reported that Google were able to record the user activity for both OS and iOS versions of Safari. Since…
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