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Google loves London, Panda Strikes again & iPhone 5 about to be launched?

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Google is set to take over a seven-storey building in east London next year as the area grows further as the “start-up” scene in London.  Coupled with the 2012 Olympics, this is a new initiative from Google and will not be an official office.  The London HQ for Google will remain in recently moved trendy Soho.

David Singleton, Google UK Engineering Director said:

“We announced our involvement in the Tech City project last year, and we’ve been working hard to make this vision a reality…”

“…finding a suitable building is the first major step, and we hope to announce more details about the organisations we’ll work with and how they will use the space in the coming months.”

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Search Engine CEO fired

Welcome to the latest blog posting from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.

It was announced today that Search Engine Yahoo has fired its chief executive Carol Bartz after not even three years in the top job.

The full press release can be read here and it concludes that Ms Bartz has been removed from the board of directors with immediate effect, to be replaced by the chief financial officer of the search engine, Tim Morse.

The logic behind the firing from the original search engine, is that Yahoo has not really made an

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45% use Mobile Internet & Jobs ‘best’ CEO

Welcome to the latest blog from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company Exeter.

It was reported this week that 45% of users surveyed recently over their internet usage, said that they used their mobile device to access the internet.  This is 14% increase from the same survey in 2010.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest increase was from the 16-24 year olds – a massive 71%.

The general domestic front of internet usage also rose as 77% of households now have an internet connection.  However this increase was only 4% from last year, which is the slowest growth since 2006.

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Christmas Shopping Deadline for SEO Exeter !

Welcome to this weeks Skyline Marketing blog.  Normally we look at what has been happening in the world of technology and SEO, however this week I want to address an important SEO topic for many – Christmas!

This may seem like a strange topic to be covering considering it is still pleasant(ish) outside, however when we first started Skyline Marketing, we carried out plenty of market research and unsurprisingly, many people around Christmas time suddenly wanted and needed to be top of Google and looked into a SEO and Internet Marketing campaign.

Marvellous – apart from the fact that the expectation was a one-off fee could be paid and voila, page 1 of Google here you come – uh no.

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Google Instant Pages causing Analytics issues for SEO Companies?

Welcome to the latest blog news from Skyline Marketing, Internet Marketing & SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.

The latest version of Googles Internet Browser, Google Chrome has a new feature which is causing a few concerns for SEO companies and search engine ranking analysts.

“Instant Pages” is something where you start life at and as soon as you start typing your search term, Google will start to second guess what it is you are searching for, and starts showing you the relevant search results.  Pretty clever huh?  That is all good and well, but if i’m searching for “SEO Company in Exeter”, when I get to “SEO Company” I already have a page of search engine results on my screen.  Now i’m not picking one of those results, as my search is “SEO Company in Exeter”, but the point is, all those listing on page 1 for SEO Company have now registered an impression within Google’s search results which I have no intention of clicking on.

How will this now effect the analytics that Google uses and provides users?  Are search results now going to be showing a greater number of impressions, which will have a negative knock-on effect for click-through-ratios (CTR’s)?

Google knows there is a problem with Instant Pages:

With the introduction of Instant Pages in Chrome, a feature that prerenders pages, there is a small possibility for inflated pageview statistics. The inflated statistics would occur when a page is prerendered but not viewed…

Now, Google Chrome is a growing player in the Internet Browser game, so as their market share increases, the number of analytical errors that Google and other analytics programmes will face will also grow.  As more evidence of the problems of Instant Pages becomes apparent, I believe Google will have to look again at how quickly Instant Pages displays results – perhaps users of Google can actually think for themselves ?

SEO & Technology News Roundup

Welcome to the latest SEO & Technology news from Skyline Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists in Exeter, Devon.

One of the stories of the week that made us smile (although at the same time slightly concerning), was the fact that technology giant Apple, now has more cash in the bank than the US Government.  (Apple is slightly more solvent too no doubt).

The figures from the US treasury showed the US treasury had an operating cash balance of just over £45bn, whereas Apple recently released results showing a little under £47bn.

In other news, BT has been ordered by a High Court ruling that the telecoms giant must block access to “Newzbin 2″  a website that provides users with links to pirated movies.

This is the very first time that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been ordered to block a site of this nature and has been seen as a very important victory for those in Hollywood and beyond.

The crackdown of all forms of piracy has increased over the past few months – many of our readers will remember the recent blog regarding the controversial Digital Economy Act , and this latest ruling could be the beginning of the end for pirate sites.  Many comments from those we spoke to regarding this matter all seem to have the same opinion – they are happy to pay for Blu-ray movies or music, but expect it to be at a more reasonable cost – especially if it is being downloaded and saving manufacturing costs.

Finally, Alibaba has announced that it will be launching its own mobile operating software to take on their main rivals of Apple and search engine giant Google.

Alibaba’s president of Cloud Computing, Wang Jian said the following:

“Mobile users want a more open and convenient mobile operating system (OS), one that allows them to truly enjoy all that the internet has to offer, right in the palm of their hand…

…the cloud OS, with its use of cloud-based applications, will provide that…”

Alibaba has said it does not intend entering the smartphone manufacturing market.  The company is only interested in developing the operating system for now.  However it intends to launch a tablet PC running the new operating system by the end of 2011.

Thanks for reading, we wish you a great week from the world of SEO & Internet Marketing.

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