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With over 3 billion video views per day, YouTube has cemented itself as an essential marketing tool for all businesses, big or small.

One popular YouTube marketing method available to small businesses is the ‘viral’ video. We’ve all been sent one – a funny or sometimes controversial video that is created with the intent of being shared repeatedly via social media and email. A viral video will be seen by a large audience in a short amount of time, and if your viral is good enough, YouTube may promote it to the homepage, bringing further traffic to your video and channel.

A viral video will not send your business global, however. By creating a channel for your business, a wealth of opportunities for marketing become available to you. It is not as easy as just creating a channel, it should be noted. In order for YouTube marketing to be successful, high quality multiple videos are essential. Don’t expect one video to be enough – different types of videos, ranging from customer testimonials to simple commercials, will keep viewers interested, at the same time as marketing all aspects of your product or service. By continually posting entertaining, useful videos, users will subscribe and be alerted to every new video you post. It’s as easy as reminding your viewers to subscribe at the end of each video!

It is also an option to use annotations on your videos to provide links to your website, a small way of further increasing your website traffic. Additionally, by embedding these videos on your website, viewers will be directed to your channel and will view further videos.

What you may not know is, YouTube is the second largest online search engine behind Google – by titling your videos with the right key phrases, you can quickly establish your business on YouTube.

 This is a video we’ve just produced.


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Twitter’s New Search Update

Twitter Announces New Search Update

Twitter is in the process of updating its search experience by introducing additional filters and “social context”, as users type their query. The new search displays photos and accounts in the search results and added context, including recent and saved searches. The update makes Twitter’s web search more like the Twitter mobile experience.

Twitter announced its update on 1st August via its official account: “Search update on : See photos & accounts in results + recent searches & social context as you type your query.”

As Search Engine Land reported, the three main changes to the Twitter search results page are: people results are now shown in the search results at the top of the page. Photos are displayed in a large pane at the bottom of the page. The page now features Results,

People and Photos in the top left corner, instead of the original filters Tweets, People and Top Photos which were previously shown.

People results will appear first on the results listings page, followed by the top 3 tweets around the searched content, then photos results which are followed by more top tweets.

Clicking on the search box now shows the dropdowns Recent Searches and Saved Searches. Recent searches is a new feature by Twitter, whereas the Saved Searches drop down is an existing feature which has been made more visible.

Twitter has also added “social context”, which links you to matching accounts. As you type a name into the search panel, Twitter tells you the relationship (if any) you have with existing accounts that feature your search term. If you’re already following those accounts, Twitter will show this. With search becoming less text-orientated and more visual, this update has enriched the Twitter search experience, advancing Twitter further up the social media ladder. The changes have enhanced the overall user-experience, making it easier to find the content you are searching for straight from the webpage.

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I found this info-graphic earlier, via visual loop, and its quite staggering that 23% of British Companies DO NOT  have a website, let-alone not actively participate in any SEO. A recent report on the BBC’s website stated that, the UK is the ‘most internet-based major economy’. So if you have a UK based company why would you choose NOT to have a website and have an active SEO programme? A good website and SEO programme isn’t a ‘cost’ its an ‘investment’.

Enjoy the Stats..

SEO Bristol and Exeter website stats

Good.bye to – SEO implications?
June 22, 2011

Good.bye to – SEO implications?

Thanks for visiting Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.  The true British summer is upon us of rain and people looking at the sky scratching their heads and wondering when the sun will appear…

In other news, Icann the Global Internet body has given the go-ahead for one of the biggest changes in the history of the Internet. The popular suffixes of .com/.org/ will no longer be on a list of  about 250 domain suffixes but they are to be opened up to an unlimited landscape of dot.anything!

The cost of $185,000 to have your own .seo .internetmarketing .skylinemarketing may be a little restrictive to some smaller companies, however we can no doubt expect to see .google .microsoft .apple appearing in our Search Engine Results and advertising in the not too distant future.

Are companies going to really make that effort to push you away from the globally renowned .com for the sake of a better domain name?

The evidence is already there.  Here is something to ponder – (and it really goes to prove how Social Media is the latest SEO & Internet Marketing tool on the Internet) – how many billboards do you see now that has a companies website address?  Look closely… the vast majority of companies are now making sure they have their own Facebook URL in their advertising more-so then their own web address.  (For the record, you can visit ours at )

Now Social Media is a huge thing in our SEO circles, however one technique that over the years has bought excellent results in the Search Engine Results, is having a keyword domain – for example  In recent times, Google has said it would give less weight to keyword domains, however it seems for now that companies creating their own suffix will be able to create their own keyword domain also.  We think overall that having a keyword domain will prove less useful – surely this decision has nothing to do with Google?

Speaking of Google though – the global Search Engine has changed its homepage and one of the features that has finally been dropped is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which would automatically load the top ranking search result.  This is probably due to Google having an auto-search that starts showing  your Search Engine Results as you type your keyword search query, although some believe it has been removed due to Google having less faith in its top results… We will let you decide!

£4bn spent on Internet Marketing & Amazon in the Clouds

A new study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC, has shown that recently in the UK, Internet Marketing & Online Advertising smashed the £4billion mark and grew 12.8% in 2010. This equates to growing three times faster than in 2009.

It is widely believed that many companies having their budgets squeezed or cut in 2009 felt the relief of a more positive future in 2010 and Internet Marketing was the big winner.

The IAB report also shows that Social Media Advertising – such as Facebook Pay per Clicks saw a 200% increase during this time.  This will please those at Facebook, who have developed a new system that allows advertisers to target Pay per Click adverts based on keywords within their status updates.  I should add that only 1% of Facebook users are having this trialled (6 million) – however the benefit of Online Marketing can be seen here, as advertisers can choose specifically which markets they target specifically and therefore use their budgets wisely.

General advertising in print media and television also grew in 2010, however the Internet saw the biggest benefits and is once again another step in the right direction in showing companies how Internet Marketing can drive a business forward.

In other news, Amazon has launched a new service called “Cloud Player”.  This is based on the current Cloud Technology and Amazon have raced ahead of Apple and Google in launching their own player that allows users to store their music files in the “Cloud” and stream or download them again via a range of different devices.  Users get 5GB – which is roughly 1,200 tracks, although you can also purchase further cloud space.

Amazon has unveiled this service in the US, where copyright infringement is slightly different to that in the UK, as you can generally transfer music (copy) from one device to another and claim protection under “fair usage”.  In the UK however Amazon may have a thunderstorm awaiting them when they make their way over the Atlantic.  Any sort of copying totally violates copyright infringement in the UK – and while the industry turns a blind eye most of the time, Amazon would need to reach agreements with record companies if this was to be a successful venture.

So what are your views on todays news?  Here in the Skyline office, we are naturally pleased to see the boost to Internet Advertising & Marketing from the IAB report – this combined with David Cameron’s push on New Businesses makes 2011 look like an exciting year ahead for us all.  It is also interesting to see Amazon take the lead ahead of Google and Apple with their new service.  Clearly the way we play and store music is evolving, and this looks like another nail in the coffin for hardware such as CDs.

So wishing you all a good day from Skyline Marketing, Internet Marketing Company in Exeter, Devon.  Rob has been playing every air-instrument under the sun in the office today, and my ears are now officially bleeding…

A Billion Happy Returns for Twitter on it’s 5th Birthday!

Good Evening fans from Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon. We’ve had another busy day in the office.  Cheltenham has been on in the background, Rob’s tips are truly shocking – (just incase he ever offers you a racing tip!)  It’s definitely got us in the mood for a few meets this year, hopefully at Exeter or Newton Abbot Racecourses, or maybe even a bit further up the M5 past Taunton and Bristol to Ascot!

This week Twitter has a Billion reasons to be celebrating it’s 5th birthday.  To mark the landmark, Twitter has released some very interesting statistics to show us the effect it has had on the World.

On average, a billion tweets are sent every single week now.  140 Million tweets are sent a day – the figure a massive 100 Million up from the same time last year!

Nearly 500,000 new accounts are created every single day, with Twitter now boasting over 200 million accounts worldwide.  That is an 182% increase over the last year.

The most random statistic comes from the 25th June 2009, the date of the death of Michael Jackson.  456 tweets were sent every second! Having said that, this record was broken in Japan four seconds into 2011, when 6,939 tweets were posted in one second!

Twitter now employs 400 staff, whereas back in 2008 it only employed eight.

Is anyone seriously still underestimating the power of Social Media and Twitter?

A business that has no use for Twitter and a well designed Social Media Internet Marketing campaign, is a business clearly with nothing to say to its customers – if this is not the case, pick up the phone and make the call that will change your future – Skyline Marketing 01392 243210.

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