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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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This week we were going to start covering some SEO Myths that we hear regularly and want to dispel – However, this will start next week, as we wanted to take a moment to pay our respects to the founder and visionary of Apple, Steve Jobs, who passed away last week.

Apples website reported the news in the same simplicity and perfection that they strive for with their products and that Jobs was known for – Nothing but a simple black and white photograph of Steve and the caption in that oh so familiar text “Steve Jobs  1955-2011″.

It could have not been put any better, and to see a corporate website put something so extraordinarily moving, that bought a lump to the throat was everything Apple represents.

The simple tribute on their site sums up the man, and everyone at Skyline would like to echo the thoughts and condolences to family, friends and to the World who has lost a truly unique person of our time.

Thank you Steve.

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New Apple MacBook Pro Available 24th February

Apple MacBook ProOne of February’s worst kept secrets is the likely release of the new Apple MacBook Pro tomorrow – 24th February.  Staff in the Apple store Exeter, Devon when asked about the release were tight-lipped, although on-line sales this week were given a 2-3 day extended wait-time – coinciding with the expected release date.

The last time the MacBook range was updated was a year ago with the Intel Core i5 and i7 chips.  It is rumoured the new machines will get the Sandy Bridge processor from Intel which are believed to be faster and rely on less power.  It is also expected that the new machines will be lighter, thinner and of course have a higher-resolution screen.  Surprisingly, a price drop has been predicted by many.

There are expected to be five new models available on release.  Two new 13-inch models, two 15-inch models and a 17-inch model too.

The release date will of course coincide with Apple Chief, Steve Jobs birthday, who is currently on medical leave, look out for our birthday tribute to Steve Jobs and how his vision has changed the consumer World.

Obama Will Meet Jobs and Zuckerburg???

Good Morning From Skyline Marketing in Exeter Devon,

Make of this what you will but President Obama will meet with Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs and FaceBook Founder, Mark Zuckerburg. To discuss Egypt or to discuss if they help over-throw other governments through the power on the Internet ?

Amended ***** and Eric Schmidt Google’s CEO*****

I think demonstrates the power of Internet/online marketing can have ?

Apple’s Steve Jobs and Facebooks Mark Zuckerburg

Steve Jobs Weeks to live ?

Oh my God reports suggest that Apples’ CEO Jobs has only weeks, this is shocking news everyone here at Skyline Marketing in Exeter hopes these reports are untrue.

Steve Jobs

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