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SEO Experts vs Web Designers

The danger of some Web Design agencies, are that they take a view of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), as something that they have to offer because “everyone else does”, but they then run the risk of misleading their clients, that a lot of the keyword and linking work of SEO is being completed, when Web Designers focus on what they do best -

Web Designers are naturally concerned about how a website looks and feels to the user.  Of course some take things too far and just want to “flash” everything and use the latest design technology to leave the user aweinspired – something that SEO Experts will have sleepless nights over, because Google struggles to read such sites effectively.

On the otherside of the fence, you have the SEO Experts who look at the code, and the actual text content of the website, because they know that Google will see things that way too and rank in the Search Engines accordingly.

Web Designers and SEO Experts must work together to create a successful website, even though they view a website through different perspectives.  A Web Designer without any substantial SEO work, will potentially create a website that is what the end user desires, but nobody will ever find it – I am making the assumption that most website owners want their site to be found in Google and the other Search Engines!  The flip side, is that someone with a pure SEO background could potentially design a website that ranks well within Google, however people will not spend any time viewing once they do click on it.

At Skyline Marketing and The Fresh Design Company, our SEO and Design teams work together through the whole process of Website creation, to fulfill both sides of the goal – Creating an attractive website, which will rank well in the Search Engines.  Is your Design & SEO company doing the same for you?

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