Twitter’s New Search Update

Twitter Announces New Search Update

Twitter is in the process of updating its search experience by introducing additional filters and “social context”, as users type their query. The new search displays photos and accounts in the search results and added context, including recent and saved searches. The update makes Twitter’s web search more like the Twitter mobile experience.

Twitter announced its update on 1st August via its official account: “Search update on : See photos & accounts in results + recent searches & social context as you type your query.”

As Search Engine Land reported, the three main changes to the Twitter search results page are: people results are now shown in the search results at the top of the page. Photos are displayed in a large pane at the bottom of the page. The page now features Results,

People and Photos in the top left corner, instead of the original filters Tweets, People and Top Photos which were previously shown.

People results will appear first on the results listings page, followed by the top 3 tweets around the searched content, then photos results which are followed by more top tweets.

Clicking on the search box now shows the dropdowns Recent Searches and Saved Searches. Recent searches is a new feature by Twitter, whereas the Saved Searches drop down is an existing feature which has been made more visible.

Twitter has also added “social context”, which links you to matching accounts. As you type a name into the search panel, Twitter tells you the relationship (if any) you have with existing accounts that feature your search term. If you’re already following those accounts, Twitter will show this. With search becoming less text-orientated and more visual, this update has enriched the Twitter search experience, advancing Twitter further up the social media ladder. The changes have enhanced the overall user-experience, making it easier to find the content you are searching for straight from the webpage.

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Nokia & Apple settle & Facebook losing users?
June 15, 2011

Nokia & Apple settle & Facebook losing users?

Greetings from Exeter  to another SEO & Internet Marketing instalment from Skyline Marketing.

Facebook says they are “pleased” with their level of growth despite reports from “Inside Facebook” who reported that Facebook lost six million users last month in the US and 100,000 in the UK.

Facebook does not generally comment about statistics, especially from third-party analytics, however they said:

“From time to time, we see stories about Facebook losing users in some regions. Some of these reports use data extracted from our advertising tool, which provides broad estimates on the reach of Facebook ads and isn’t designed to be a source for tracking the overall growth of Facebook…”

“We are very pleased with our growth and with the way people are engaged with Facebook. More than 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day…”

Inside Facebook also claimed that 1.5 million users from Canada left the social media site during the month of May.

However, beyond the negative statistics, Facebook still shows growth in numbers, just 13million away from that target of 700 million users Worldwide.

Part of the reason why users are closing their accounts is down to the unofficial “Facebook fatigue” where users either move onto other social networks with the ever popular Twitter going from strength to strength, or they just take a break and do not log on from time to time.  More users are also tightening their privacy settings to only allow their ‘friends’ access to their photos and comments, which makes life more difficult for Facebook in their quest to make more profits from different advertising streams.

In other news, Apple and Nokia have reached a settlement over patent litigation after a drawn out two-year dispute between the two companies.

In 2009, Nokia sued Apple over patent infringements and Apple had countersued also.  Nokia says they have now agreed a one-off payment from Apple and ongoing royalties for the use of its technologies.  This deal covers both sides of the dispute.

Nokia now sees this as vindication, however it now has the tougher task of moving forward and attempting to make up on last ground over the last few years from Apples iPhone.  This one product sent the most popular mobile phone company crashing down and now must battle to attempt to reclaim even a small percentage of the market share it once had.

A Billion Happy Returns for Twitter on it’s 5th Birthday!

Good Evening fans from Skyline Marketing in Exeter, Devon. We’ve had another busy day in the office.  Cheltenham has been on in the background, Rob’s tips are truly shocking – (just incase he ever offers you a racing tip!)  It’s definitely got us in the mood for a few meets this year, hopefully at Exeter or Newton Abbot Racecourses, or maybe even a bit further up the M5 past Taunton and Bristol to Ascot!

This week Twitter has a Billion reasons to be celebrating it’s 5th birthday.  To mark the landmark, Twitter has released some very interesting statistics to show us the effect it has had on the World.

On average, a billion tweets are sent every single week now.  140 Million tweets are sent a day – the figure a massive 100 Million up from the same time last year!

Nearly 500,000 new accounts are created every single day, with Twitter now boasting over 200 million accounts worldwide.  That is an 182% increase over the last year.

The most random statistic comes from the 25th June 2009, the date of the death of Michael Jackson.  456 tweets were sent every second! Having said that, this record was broken in Japan four seconds into 2011, when 6,939 tweets were posted in one second!

Twitter now employs 400 staff, whereas back in 2008 it only employed eight.

Is anyone seriously still underestimating the power of Social Media and Twitter?

A business that has no use for Twitter and a well designed Social Media Internet Marketing campaign, is a business clearly with nothing to say to its customers – if this is not the case, pick up the phone and make the call that will change your future – Skyline Marketing 01392 243210.

Googles New Social Network/Facebook Copy & Internet Explorer 9 is Launched!

Good Evening from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.  Once again, many bloggers out there have been racing ahead releasing rumours, gossip and scandal that Google was going to announce a new Social Network to rival the worldwide dominance of facebook.

However, Skyline Marketing can reveal that Google has confirmed this is all nonsense, and that no such project exists.  Of course this maybe just Google wanting to silence any speculation at this stage, and perhaps something major is on the horizon, however here at Skyline, we prefer to deal with just facts, and at this time – nothing is going on.  If we believe this to be a smokescreen and evidence of a new Google Social Network exists, you can be sure we will be one of the first to let you know!

In other news today, it looks like Twitter Third-Party Applications could be under threat. Some of the many software developers who use Twitters source code to produce other non-official Twitter software may see their days numbered, as Twitter appears to be looking at bringing more control over the service – for revenue and commercial purposes perhaps?  Twitter’s main concern is that as the number of users and tweets expands to record levels, that the more third party platforms for Twitter, the more confused users may get.  I think when it comes to technology users, many can make their own mind up – if they want to use the “official” platform, then it’s readily there – if some want great freedom and a more “techy” experience when using Twitter, then this should be available as is now.

Finally today, at long last Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is now officially launched!  As things stand, Internet Explorer still retains 56% of the Global Internet Browser market, whereas Firefox has 22%, Chrome 11% and Safari 6%.  Look out over the coming days for our full review of the NEW Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Browser.  Although, those of you still using the more stable Windows XP will be disappointed, as IE9 will only be available at this stage to users of Windows 7 & Vista.

Top 10 Brands on Facebook

Hello there from Skyline Marketing, Exeter, Devon.

We hope you’ve had a great weekend.  The power of facebook. Have you ever wondered how popular certain brands are on facebook?  Do you have doubts on how a Social Media Campaign that goes viral can have a huge effect on your business prospects?

Well, here are the top 10 brands currently on Facebook with their number of followers:

  1. Facebook (bit cheeky but true) – 35 Million
  2. Youtube – 28 Million
  3. Coca-Cola – 22 Million
  4. Starbucks – 19 Million
  5. Disney – 17 Million
  6. MTV – 17 Million
  7. Oreo – 17 Million
  8. Red Bull – 15 Million
  9. Skittles – 15 Million
  10. Converse – 13 Million

Okay, so your hosting servers might not cope with 13+ million hits rocking up on it, however it does demonstrate how seriously the big brands take their presence on facebook, through special offers, vouchers, competitions and latest company news.  Give your visitors something to return for – be a vital resource in your industry and you will grow your following.  Expand your following with the use of blogging and twitter and you will be on course to huge success with your Social Media campaign!

In other news, there has been the awful crisis in Japan which once again brings home how precious life is at times, and I am sure everyone out there in the World of Internet Marketing & everyone at Skyline Marketing sends their condolences and best wishes to everyone who has been affected.

The First look at Googles’ New Toolbar ?

Good Evening again from The SEO company in Exeter, Devon.

Is this a sneak preview of Googles’ new toolbar ? it appears that your Gmail account details will be displayed on the toolbar, not ground-breaking news by any stretch of the imagination but still its a early preview. (Allegedly)

We like to see the following incorporated,
SEO Tool
RSS Feed Button directly linked to website you are visting like safari
Twitter notification
Facebook notification

Any other suggestion greatly received :D


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