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Yahoo today has announced that it will be axing 2,000 jobs, which is nearly 15 percent of the total workforce.

This is the sixth time in around four years that the Search Engine, Yahoo has had to make large cutbacks to its staffing level.

There was however some bright news in the industry, as Skype owner, Microsoft has announced 400 new jobs for London and Stockholm and other regions across the World.

The search engine, who has been having a rough time of late, has said it is reducing its costs, to allow it to run a more manageable and profitable company.  The job cull was expected to save around £235m a year.

This all adds to Yahoo’s “woes” after Carol Bartz was dismissed last September as chief executive and chairman and co-founder Jerry Yang also resigned from the board.  Furthermore, the percentage of search queries that are being made through Yahoo is continuously dropping, the latest figures from February showing the first drop below 14 percent, leaving it miles behind Google and Bing.

Yahoo results out – SEO Companies in Bristol or Exeter jumping ship?

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Yahoo have not had much of a fun 2011 with their senior management coming and going and an ever shrinking place at the table of Search Engines.  There are now rumours that Yahoo could be in for a takeover as the CEO of Alibaba says he has the cash to do it.

The third quarter results have now been released and the results are not bad in some respects.  The search engine had revenue of over £700,000 for the quarter, which was 1% growth over last year, and earnings per share rose 32%.  The operating income of the search engine was £115 million, which exceeded analysts expectations.

So are SEO companies in Exeter, Bristol or anywhere else across the world recommending we ditch Google and go running back to Yahoo?  No.  There is a problem still – Yahoo continues to see itself as a media company and in that respect the figures were very poor.  Advert revenue was flat at just under £300 million – the net earnings were down 26%.

Search revenue saw a 13% drop from the previous quarter.  This figure while poor is actually hiding the fact that Microsoft paid Yahoo for its entire search operating cost and transition cost, as part of the Bing/Yahoo agreement.

For now Yahoo are still looking for a new CEO and the question still remains as to why the previous CEO Carol Bartz was fired, considering overall the company was exceeding performance expectations.


Search Engine CEO fired

Welcome to the latest blog posting from Skyline Marketing, SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.

It was announced today that Search Engine Yahoo has fired its chief executive Carol Bartz after not even three years in the top job.

The full press release can be read here and it concludes that Ms Bartz has been removed from the board of directors with immediate effect, to be replaced by the chief financial officer of the search engine, Tim Morse.

The logic behind the firing from the original search engine, is that Yahoo has not really made an

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Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues
May 14, 2011

Yahoo! shares fall on Alibaba fallout continues

A very warm welcome to Skyline Marketing, Internet Marketing and SEO Company in Exeter, Devon.  Shares in Search Engine provider Yahoo! have fallen for a third day in a row after the argument between the Search Engine and its Chinese partner Alibaba deepened.

This all stems from Alibaba transferring it’s major internet asset – Alipay to chief executive and Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma.    The Search Engines share price finished 3.6% down.

The shares fell due to the news that Alipay is now out of the grasp of Yahoo!  A bitter standoff appears to be growing now between the two parties, as Yahoo! says that the transfer went ahead in August 2010, but were only told in March 2011.  Contrary, Alibaba says this transaction in question was discussed in a board meeting back in 2009.

During Friday, Alibaba made a statement saying that Yahoo! would have been fully aware of this deal, as they have a seat on the board.

Up until now, Yahoo! had had control over Alipay as it has a 43% private stake in Alibaba (having invested £600m in 2005), however there are now growing fears that Jack Ma may cause further trouble for the Search Engine by spinning off Taobao – China’s largest online shopping site, which again would put a valuable asset out of Yahoo!’s reach.

Google in Fresh Anti-trust Probe

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Google appears to be in hot water again after specialist French Search Engine 1plusV has filed fresh anti-trust claims against the Search Engine.

Google could be facing a massive fine if it is found guilty of abusing its position in the Search Engine Market.

More information courtesy of the BBC online:  Google faces new complaint in anti-trust probe.

This could be good news for Yahoo and Bing, but I dont think google will be too worried.

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