Twitter’s New Search Update

Twitter Announces New Search Update

Twitter is in the process of updating its search experience by introducing additional filters and “social context”, as users type their query. The new search displays photos and accounts in the search results and added context, including recent and saved searches. The update makes Twitter’s web search more like the Twitter mobile experience.

Twitter announced its update on 1st August via its official account: “Search update on : See photos & accounts in results + recent searches & social context as you type your query.”

As Search Engine Land reported, the three main changes to the Twitter search results page are: people results are now shown in the search results at the top of the page. Photos are displayed in a large pane at the bottom of the page. The page now features Results,

People and Photos in the top left corner, instead of the original filters Tweets, People and Top Photos which were previously shown.

People results will appear first on the results listings page, followed by the top 3 tweets around the searched content, then photos results which are followed by more top tweets.

Clicking on the search box now shows the dropdowns Recent Searches and Saved Searches. Recent searches is a new feature by Twitter, whereas the Saved Searches drop down is an existing feature which has been made more visible.

Twitter has also added “social context”, which links you to matching accounts. As you type a name into the search panel, Twitter tells you the relationship (if any) you have with existing accounts that feature your search term. If you’re already following those accounts, Twitter will show this. With search becoming less text-orientated and more visual, this update has enriched the Twitter search experience, advancing Twitter further up the social media ladder. The changes have enhanced the overall user-experience, making it easier to find the content you are searching for straight from the webpage.

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